Sunday, September 12, 2010

My 30 Day Exercise Challenge

Now that I am older I find my self wanting to be healthier. By that I mean I want to eat healthier, use healthier products and EXERCISE. I strongly believe that exercise is a key to longevity. I have exercised a bit in the past but I haven't developed it into a habit and my 30 day challenge I think is to key to helping me make exercise a part of my daily routine. 

As such for the next 30 days I will exercise everyday twice a day for at least 30mins. Plain, Simple and Straight to the point...

I have no set any other goals because this is about me getting into the habit of exercising. I want to get to the point where its almost second nature for me to exercise. I have a number of workout videos that I will be doing. I will post on them individually. Also for the challenge I will take a before picture and after my 30 days have ended  you guess it I will take after pictures. 

The challenge starts today even though. I missed the morning session because I just thought of it but I will be doing it tonight for an hr if I can work out that long. 


30 Day Workout Challenge
Exercise twice a day (morning and evening for at least 30mins each)
Take Before and after Pictures.


My goal is to make exercise a part of my daily routine

Challenge "Ends" 

October 12

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