Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Check in

Hey Whats up Doc????

Its been 15 days since I have started working out again and it has definitely been a journey. I know that its only been 15 days but the mental struggles that I go through while working out or rather while trying to lose some weight is always overwhelming.

I think that for me the most overwhelming part of trying to lose weight is understanding that I will not instantly see changes in my body. It is going to take more than 15days for me to see a noticeable change in the way my clothes are fitting or even to feel differently physically. I am talking about this because I took some pictures of myself today sort of like a mid month picture and now I feel so embarrassed by the way I looked that a HUGE part of me just wanted to say eff it and give up. Luckily the sane part of my brain reminded me that change doesn't happen overnight. I have to be patient, I have to be diligent and I have to work hard.  I have to stay focused and keep my eyes on my goals and what I want to accomplish.

Workouts I worked out everyday this week. I am getting older so yea I have no idea what I did on what days but I did work out everyday this week for at least 30mins. I am still doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolutions workouts. I have started workouts 3 and 4. I did four t25 workouts this week. 2 cardio one ab focus and 1 lower focus and I did turbo fire fire 30 yesterday evening. Next week I will try to write down exactly what workouts I did. Before this post I did JMBR workout 4. Later today I want to do Hitt 15 from Turbo Fire and maybe I will do some kinda stretch workout mostly the one from Focus T25. Because my body feels a bit stiff.

That is all I have to report for right now. I hope that everyone else is doing great.

Until next time
Happy Fit2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Semi Struggles Days 3 and 4 of 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Hello Peeps,

Today is day 4 of my Fit2014 challenge if I can call it that. One of my resolutions was to workout for at least 10minutes everyday. So far I can say that I have been getting it in. Yes I know its only been 4 days and its probably way too early to blow my own horn but hey its may life and my post I can be happy if I :P 

With that being said I have been struggling with eating. I do not eat enough especially since school has reopened. I miss breakfast and lunch and I usually eat when I go home at 4pm and I do not eat again until 4pm the next day. The truth is that I am not hungry before 4pm and by the time I am hungry again in the after it is around 10pm (if I am still awake) and I do not eat after 6pm. I know that I am going to have to make some effort to prepare breakfast and lunch in the mornings but for now it is what it is. Before my funds are non existing right now meaning that I am broke I cannot buy things that I can snack on because I have to wait until I get paid at the end of the month. (High five for the persons living pay check to pay check) 

If my eating continues as such I do not expect to lose a great deal of weight this month. I know how my body works, whenever I skip meals while working out I usually maintain my weight or I gain a little bit. Regardless of what the scale says in February I am not going to let that discourage me. I am losing weight because I have a heap load of clothes in my closet that I cannot wear because I have gained too much weight and I want to wear them again. I can be so vain


Day 3  Focus T25 Cardio (25mins)

Day 4: Jillian Michaels Workout 1 (30mins) and  Focus T25 Speed 1.0 (25 mins)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I am out of shape...

Well damn Sam....

Hello Everyone,

As promised I will be showing you current pictures of myself taken on the 4th of January 2014. Its strange how when I look in the mirror and I look at pictures of myself they don't look the same. I find that when I look in the mirror I don't think I look as bad as I do in pictures. Seeing pictures of myself yesterday really made me feel self cautious of my looks. All that being said it is what it is, I am going to use that negative to help motivate myself to changing my body into a lean mean fitting machine. 

Workout updates. 

Yesterday was the official start of my get fit journey. I decided that I would try to complete Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (<--link to official website) for the month of January. I have had the program for a while but I have never made it past week 2. I get bored of Jillian Michaels really quickly. Regardless I decided to give it another chance because I like that it involves circuit training and weight training and that is something that I have rarely done in the past. In addition I chose this workout plan because its 30minutes. I will not be doing the cardio workouts that come with the program I will substitute it for some other cardio workout depending on my mood.  Like I said I get bored of Jillian really easy and I would rather get my cardio from a different trainer.

Day 1 of 30

JM Body Revolution workout 1: 30mins: I completed the workout, but every part of my body was sore within the first 10minutes. Let me tell you I really wanted to quit. To get through I kept reminding myself of why I am doing this and what I want to accomplish. I am working out but I really don't want to do it at all. It is tough for me to do something against my will and its frustrating because I do want to lose the weight but its a mental struggle. I hate that I have to fight myself to do something that benefits me.

Day 2 of 30

JM Body Revolution Workout 2: 30mins. The workout went the same as day 1 I did not want to do it at all. But I pushed through and I am happy that I did it. I am so unmotivated right now and I think that this is where setting goals are important because it gives me that extra push even though the motivation is lacking. I am praying that it gets better with time. I am sure it will but either way I will be working out everyday for I am just going to have to get used to it. 

Stats: Taken January 5th 2014 Next Update February 4th 2014

Waist (belly button area) 39.5 inches  I have a beer belly and I don't even drink beer like wtf?
boobs (fullest area) 44.5
right arm: 14.5
left arm 15
thighs 27inch (both)
butt 43inches (roundest part) (I have a flat ish booty squats will take care of that though.)

I still have to post the picture of me in the jeans that I want to try to fit into by my next official stats update. If I don't do it today it will be tomorrow.

Until Next time thanks for reading and for your support :D
Happy fit 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

Goals for 2014

How do you do????

I have contemplated what my goal/resolutions would be this year. I am tired of adding lose weight on my list. It truly makes me want to do things that I can't mention on here because it would only cause you to think that I am as crazy as I really Well in other words I will be revealing how crazy I am. Anyways, its another year and yes losing weight did make the list again but I am going to word it differently. Another thing that I am doing differently is to make monthly resolutions rather than a list that I will stick( or not) to for the whole year. So here goes these are my goals for January 2014.

1. Get fit: I will be working out Everyday for at least 10minutes a day. I can do 10 minutes a day. I could have said 20minutes but I know that I can talk myself out of finishing a 20minute workout but 10 minutes! I can do 10minutes! Even when I dont feel like working out I can do it for 10mins.

2. Blog at least once a week. In my weekly blogs I will post about how I am doing that week. What I did or am planning to do in terms of working out and eating and yeah all the works. I will aim to blog more frequently of course but at the very least I will blog once a week.

3. Drink only water. For the month of January I will not be drinking away my calories. I had more than my fair share of  sugary drinks during my Christmas holiday anyways.

4. Write down everything that I eat. Self explanatory in February I will think about planning some kind of portion control or calorie counting type scheme thingy (<---- ?!?! yea that)

Every Friday I will report on how I did in terms of sticking to my goals.

So yea that is basically my goals for January. What are your goals? Leave a link to your post or tell me in the comment box. Good luck! If 2013 was a crappy year hopefully 2014 will make up for it. I will be posting my stats and picture in tomorrow's post. I am not weighing myself until February 3rd. I do not want to sabotage my journey and discourage myself before I begin.  But I will make a current picture and take measurements to help me track my progress. I also have a personal challenge that I will be posting about tomorrow as well called "In Those Jeans". Basically, I will be trying to fit into an old pair of jeans that I have.

Until next time! Happy New Year and have a blessed weekend!

Happy New Year?

 Happy New Year

Its been way too long since I have been on here. Where did the time go? I have been meaning to come back on here for so long but honestly I could not bring myself to log on. Every day I would put it off and say tomorrow and tomorrow turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and you know the rest. I suffer from anxiety (undiagnosed but I know my body( shout out to Olivia from the Cosby Show)) and the blog had become a source of anxiety for me, I couldn't face my failures on here. Strange now that I am looking back on it I wish I hadn't stayed away for so long but that's now split milk and today is a brand new day.

But I am back and if anyone is still there to read my ramblings then I appreciate it and I am sorry that I left without a word.( I promise that I won't do it again.)

Updates: A lot has happened since I have been gone. I am still married June will make 3 years. If you remember my husband is from Holland and I am Bahamian and we lived apart for our entire 5 year relationship (prior to marriage) and then once we got married he moved to be with me. We used to live in Nassau (capital) but now we live in Andros (largest Bahamian island). I moved the Andros to teach Spanish in the local government high school. I still do not have any kiddos I may try for one this year though we will see. I havent weighed myself but I am certain that I regained all the weight that I lost. I am praying that I did not gain over my highest weight though that would suck. I do not weigh myself and I do not own a traditional scale I do have my wii fit but that is not plugged in.

All that leads to why I am back. I am finally ready to lose the weight, keep it off and I really missed interacting with my blog friends. I hope some of you are still there and that you remember me I missed you all :(

I will be posting my goals for this year in another post but I just wanted to say hi and explain a little bit of why I was gone. 

Again Happy New Year and Thanks for stopping by