Saturday, September 18, 2010

Insanity will be the death of me Day 7 Of challenge.

Omg What did I get myself into? Insanity is so intense. I made it through 10mins (10mins and 27 seconds to be exact) of the Plyometric Cardio Curcuit and I had to give up. My knees and ankles are killing me. That workout is so intense I was sweating while I was doing the warm up. That should have been my first warning that this workout was serious. I am still committed to it though. Right now there is no way I can do the entire workout curcuit but I am going to do what I can and hope next time I last a little longer. 

On a better note. My morning workout WATP went a lot better. My thighs were still sore from doing the workout the night before but I was able to push through it and finish. Tomorrow I have to do something easy maybe a stretch workout if I can find one or maybe some Yoga because my knees need a break. I will definitely take the rest day that Insanity gives because I will need it. 

Starting Tuesday I will be eating healthy. I am starting my low glycemic diet. (If I can call it that). Because I have hypothyroidism it is a bit more difficult for me to lose weight but I found that eating foods that are low on the glycemic index helps me to shed some pounds. I will be planning my meals the night before so I know what I am eating. I will be eating 1200 calories a day. Breakfast will be my biggest meal. I will probably eat 600-700 hundred calories for breakfast. (This is subject to change though) 

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