Sunday, February 9, 2014

Off the wagon for a min...

But getting back on with a vengeance. Two weeks ago tom disrupted my flow and I got really sick this time around and I was throwing up for over an hour then my chest and my head were hurting because of it so I stopped working out. Then when tom was over I had this mad craving for everything sugary so I was eating everything in sight that was sweet. Even things that I normally would not eat. 
My mind and my future body was like are you sure you want to do this? And I was like F U and I am my own person so fo sho! Luckily though the cravings have finally diminished and my desire to workout has returned so I am going to push myself extra hard today and I will be doing 2 hours of exercise today and I plan on getting back on the wagon and keeping this moving. It doesn't matter how much I fall off this year my goal is to get back up and start over.

With that being said my January challenge was a slight fail. Any weight that I may have lost I am certain that I probably gained it back. I will be taking pictures tomorrow morning before I go to work so that I am post it on here as my new current/before pictures. Once I have posted this I will weigh myself on my wii fit so that I can track my weight loss this week. I will start weighing in every Sunday morning. at least for the month of February.

I hope that everyone else is doing better than I did.

Happy fit2014 Until next time