Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting on Track/ Challenge Update

This week was not my best week. I think I only worked out three times this week. Part of it was out of laziness I just didnt want to put on my workout clothes and my tennis and exercise. The second part of it was that I kept putting off my exercise time. I agreed (with myself) that I would exercise when I got up in the morning, then I said well I will wait until after breakfast then after lunch (I think you are getting it.) so yea I just kept putting it off until it was night time and I said I am too tired I will just do it in the Morning. Today Finally I am making myself get into it again. I just did Turbo Fire 20 minute workout. 

Due to fatigue and the pain in my knee I only did 11 mins of the workout but I am sweating a whole lot and I feel good again. Which makes me wonder why is it such a hassle for me to work out? I can honestly say that I enjoy it I just dont't like preparing to do it. I feel like I am getting back on track regardless. I have no idea what day I am on for my 30day challenge. I think I am supposed to be on day 12 or 13??? I don't think the days matter anymore though because my main goal was to develop a habit for exercising twice a day. I am still working on it and to me that is all that matters. Once I have rested my knees some I am going to do the 2 mile work from Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds DVD. 

I am going to start planning my workouts the night before because that helped me a lot to stay on track and be honest with myself. 

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