Monday, July 21, 2014

Short some what of an update...

Just wanted to leave a message to say that I am still alive and I haven't fallen off the planet. Right now I am on vacation from school and I haven't really been doing much in terms of staying on my weight loss/ fitness journey. I am staying my with mother and she loves to cook and  she always have drinks in the house and so its hard for me to fight temptation. So I have been drinking and eating everything in sight.

 I swear I gained like 10lbs in the 2 weeks that I have been here so I probably weight around 188lbs I do not have a scale so it could be more.  When I left home I was about 178lbs. Yesterday I started working out again in order to curve whatever damage I am doing to myself. I kinda put my foot in my mouth and I told my workout partners that when we returned from vacation that I would be the same size I was when I left if not smaller so yea if I go back heavier cause I wouldn't hear the end of it so I have to get this weight back off before I go home. I plan to leave on the 20th of next month. Therefore I cannot go back home fat. It is not happening.

 I will try to post some updated pictures and just discuss more of what is going on with me next week. Right now I am trying to work out a work out schedule that I can stick with.

Until next time