Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am finally getting it!

I love reading blogs and watching YouTube videos about people who are losing weight or trying to lose weight. Before I started doing the same (blogging I am not brave enough for YouTube)  I didn't understand how helpful it was to document the journey. Blogging is seriously making me feel accountable, and that is just the motivation I need to do what I say I am going to do. While I am working out I push through the soreness and the pain because I don't want to have to write that I wasn't able to do a workout for whatever excuse I may come up with at the time. The time for excuses have passed. It is time for me to stop blaming my thyroids, and stop coming up with excuses for not exercising or not eating right.  Unfortunately, complaining about my weight won't cause it to be what I want it to be (I am not that I am sure I will have some excuses later though I am human it is bound to happen but for right now I am content with not making excuses and not complaining. 

Current Mood Happy: I am happy because I am making the changes I need to make to get my life back. I am very proud of myself. 

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