Monday, August 1, 2011

OMG! You lost weight... Here are some 3x shirts

I made it to Holland in one piece and the three flights I had to take to get here were pretty good and I even managed to sleep, which is something that I don't usually do. It has been a year since I have been to Holland and the main reason why I haven't wanted to come back here was because of my mother in law. She is as nice and fake as they come. She is passively bossy, she is very nosy inquisitive, and she is rude. The worst part about it is I think she thinks I am too stupid to notice that she talks down at me  that I don't notice.

As I mentioned before I have not been to Holland in about a year. The last time I was here I weight about 216lbs. Now I weigh about 187lbs. So that is almost a 30lb difference. I am not naive, I knew that everyone here would be surprised by my weight loss because its been a long time since they saw me. Well, my mother in law being the drama queen  person that she is, was all smiles when she said OMG! You lost a lot of weight young lady. I had of course expected her to say something. My reply to that was: yea thanks. Inside I was thinking whatever (bitch please) miss, it's not that serious. This was right after I arrived so my husband and I went to his room to put away my clothes and we didn't come back until it was dinner. Then we went out and when we came back she told him in dutch this long story (that he translated to me) about how she had a coworker that had some clothes that she gave to her that she (the coworker) couldnt fit and she (my mother in law) couldn't fit them either so maybe I want them. First off, (bitch) miss, I don't wear clothes from people I don't know! However the shirts were on the table that is on the stair way near the bathroom door which we have to pass to get to my husband's room so we saw them. It was bad enough that the shirts were ugly but can you guess what size they were? (I know that its in the title but you can still play along :P) Yeap, you guessed it 3x. My husband was instantly pissed. The first thing he said when he saw the size was is she serious? My reply was I guess. The most hurtful part about seeing the 3x shirts was that I didn't even wear 3x at my heaviest. I did not wear 3x when I was here a year ago. 

Of course we left the shirts there. Of course, I didn't buy her story that she got the shirts from a co worker. I think that she bought the shirts for me anticipating that I would be the same size that I was last year if not bigger. The hurtful part about it is she tried to give me the shirts even though she noticed that they are too big for me. I know that I still have a considerable amount of weight to lose still but there is no one who would look at me and think that I wear a 3x. But luckily they are on vacation now, which is why I came to Holland. I wouldn't have came if she was going to be here for my entire trip. After my last visit her I promised I would never set foot in this house again. (this is why I try to not ever say never because I am here again). 

Thanks for reading yall. My goal this week is to shed the excess kilos (the scale here is in kilos) that I gained this weekend. Pinky and I went to the Efteling which is an amusement park here and we stayed in this hotel room with an amazing jacuzzi tub and we ate whatever and it was fun. But this week I will be eating very late. I will make an effort to post pictures of the dinners that I make, which is something that I don't do at home because no one trusts me to cook at home but Pinky loves my cooking so yeah.
Finally, I will have a lot of spare time while I am here so look forward to seeing more posts from me and also I will be catching up on your blogs so dont be surprised if you see a lot of comments from me in one day. Thanks again for reading!