Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pure Randomness...

For the last few days (the last 2 weeks is more like it) I have been going through some personal struggles, and I am feeling extremely overwhelmed. I will let you all in on a little "secret" about me I do not handle change/stress well. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I literally shut down. I just pretty much stare at the TV and try not to think about everything that is going on at the moment. I know it doesn't solve anything but I have to deal with my issues the best way I know how.  I will not get into specifics, I am just letting you know why my posts have been a bit scarce. Oh yeah and don't worry about me I am a big girl. Shit happens 

Aside from my personal issues, Sir is only here for two more weeks (booo) so I am trying to enjoy every second I have with him. That doesn't leave much time for posting. 

Aside from the two things I just mentioned I haven't been doing much as far as exercise and nutrition is concerned. I still exercise but I also eat everything in sight. That is counter productive and so I have been gaining slowly but surely. I currently weigh about 206lbs (BOOOO!!) I will get back on track though I am not concerned about it.

Tomorrow January 2nd I will be recommitting to my healthy life style. 2011 for me is about fitness and getting my ish (shit/stuff/life) in order. Sir and I have so many plans for this year but they will be announced at a later date. Right now I need an extra day to get over my anxiety. I want to feel carefree for one last day. Until Tomorrow!

Thanks for Reading! 


  1. It is now the 2nd Jan, so good luck with today and the future.

    Remember, we're all in this together so if you ever feel like you need to let out anything then I am sure your followers will be here standing by your side the whole time showing encouragement or support or join in on moaning. I expect we're all very good at that! :)

  2. I agree with Tim, Shannie - 100% We're here if you need us :)

  3. Thanks Tim and Ellen: I am used to my roller coaster emotions so I don't get hang up about it. I just try to take every day at a time then when it is over I put a smile on my face and I am happy again. But it's good to know yall dont mind me posting about it. THANKS!