Friday, January 21, 2011

Self Control

(I wrote this last week but it was just sitting in draft. I decided to go ahead and post it.)

My self control went out the window so long ago that I have no idea when I originally lost it. I remember when I could say no to food but now it is such a struggle. Why does food have such a control over me? That is the question I asked myself today. I am on a quest to answer that question. I do not believe in restricting myself because it normally leads to binging but I want to stay away from junk foods and sugary items. I want to say no to my cravings and gain back my self control. I want to say no I don't want to any ice cream and feel good about my decision. This is what a typical day is like for me...

Me: Wow that chocolate looks good
My Mind: Do you want it?
Me: Nah I am not sure
My Mind: Me either but maybe you should get it cause you may want it later
Me; I don't know I don't want it now.

This is what Happens if I get it:

My Mind: Oh I just remembered you got a chocolate bar why don't you eat it
Me: Nah I don't feel like it
Stomach: Yea we don't want it, I am full. 
My Mind: You bought it, you might as well eat it. What's the point having it sit there. If you didn't want it you should have left it in the shop
Me: Did you just say that? You told me to get it
My Mind: Now I am telling you to eat it
Stomach: Damn here she goes again, I am full and gatta make room for this too...
Mouth: MMMMMMMMMMM yummy
Me: I really gatta do better

This is what happens when I don't get it:

My Mind: You really should have gotten that chocolate. I don't understand why you didn't get it. If you had gotten it then we could have had some chocolate right now. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO you had to be the one to say no. What you saying no for anyways? All you have to do is exercise a bit more. Isn't that what exercise is for? Now all us grumbling because you didn't get it. You should have gotten the chocolate. Tomorrow we are going to get two to make up for the one we missed today. 

Stomach and Mouth: We second and third that! (Meaning we also agree)


  1. I swear we share the same mind!

  2. My mind sucks! I need to trade with someone who has more self control