Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals for the Week

Last Week I ate horribly. So this week I intend to eat mostly fruits and vegetables for the next three days to give my system a chance to rest from all the bad eating I did last week. I didn't weigh in on Friday for the same reason. I did not want to see a gain on the scale because that is quite discouraging. I probably will not weigh myself until next week Friday, this is when I give a progress of my first 30days of the 90days Challenge.  

My exercise for this week will be low impact for the same reason that I want to give my body a rest. I do plan on exercising 7 days this week though. I may do a few Yoga Booty Ballet workouts this week. But I will make separate exercise post. If not every day every other day. In addition, I will do Walk Away the Pounds workouts.

Yesterday workout did not go the way I wanted it to go. I did the Turbo Jam Total Body workout for about 20mins, then I switched to Turbo Jam lower body workout, my sister was baking cake in the kitchen and so the house was extremely hot which made me nauseous so I had to abandon my workout. But I still manage to get in 40mins of exercise last night. (between the two Turbo Jam exercises.)

This week is my go hard or go home week. I have to prove to myself that I can stay on plan. 

Thanks for Reading! Until Next time


  1. You can do it! It sounds like you have attainable goals set for yourself to get back on plan. Taking it a little easier this week seems like a really good idea. Good luck!

  2. Think about your goals and whether your decisions are helping you reach those goals!!! That usually helps me!!!

  3. Thanks Ashley and Ann. I am definitely focusing on my decisions and how they are affecting me.

  4. Way to go with exercising and not having cake after ;) sounds like you have a great plan for the week

  5. Exercising with cake baking in the house? Was your sister mad at you? lol
    Seriously, that would be hard to do. You'll do great, Shannie. Here's to a clean-eating week!

  6. Lol I do think she hates But the good thing about it is I wasn't tempted by the cake she made pineapple upside and I am picky when it comes to cake. I only like vanilla cake with icing or chocolate cake thats it. I don't like any pies either so yea...

  7. Hey, at least you keep setting goals for yourself! Keep up your good work!