Saturday, January 22, 2011

90 Days to Better Fitness Day 4 + 5 Completed!

Day 4: Over and done! Short and simple I did Turbo Fire 30 Class + Stretch 10 and I also did 1 Mile of walking. I had intended to do 4miles of walking but I was way too sleepy and therefore I could only push myself to through the first mile. I feel good about what I did because previously I said that I would take it a bit easier however I still managed to get in a good workout. Additionally, I can tell that my endurance is building because I was able to get through 24mins of Turbo Fire without taking a break, and before I was crying after 5mins.

Day 5: I did a five mile walk! I did the Leslie Sansone Walk away the pounds Advance 5mile walk. YAAAAAAAAAY Me. Over the last 5days I have walked 18miles! To be honest I do not want to do any more walking DVDs this week. Even though, I probably will. I am thinking about giving zumba another try. But I will be sure to fill you in tomorrow! I am also wanting to give JM 30 day shred another try. I hated both workouts with a passion but I know several bloggers rave about those two workouts so I am willing to give it another try. Of course my mind can always change but I will fill you in when I post about my day 6. 

On to Day 6! Oh one more thing I went on the scale today and lost 2lbs I went from 205 to 203! Yaaaay I am almost back to the 202 number that pledged me for so long. I am excited yaaaay!. I am not getting back on a scale until Wednesday. I am hoping to lose two more pounds by then. 


  1. Well done on losing 2lbs!!

    Once you hit 202, surely the next aim is to hit under 200. That'll be worth celebrating for sure! Party at Shannies!! lol

  2. Great job on the loss! Also - you will LOVE Jillian. Just stick with it... it will get much easier! :)

  3. Awesome job, Shannie!! And the 5 mile LS dvd is some serious walking - I have that one, too. Love the cartoon, too. I work on The Shred off and on. I still can't do level three all the way; when it gets too hard I just pretend to jump long as you're moving, right? Hope you had a good weekend.

  4. Well done on losing that 2lb
    Have been thinking of joining a Zumba class, maybe !!! LOL

  5. Thanks Ann, I hope I like Jillian cause I am not a I tried it before and it was way difficult I will definitely give it a try today though.

    Thanks Ellen! That five miles is some serious walking but I like doing it. Walking is my favourite type of exercise. I hope you had a good weekend too!

    Thanks Rachel If you do join Zumba I hope it gives you a really good workout!