Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hate Loss Challenge Final Update:

I am late again with posting this update... Sorry! This week wasn't my best of weeks and I hate posting when I am not in the mood cause I tend to have this dull personality. I am still not 100% feeling it but it has to be done... That was my disclaimer. 

First off I would like to thank Ellen for hosting such a great challenge. I am happy that I did it. It was truly a learning experience one that I am sure will continue to have an impact on my life. 

When I first decided to join I really didn't think I needed to join. I thought that I was a very positive person already and of course I had some issues with myself but for the most part I thought I had a handle on my issues. I didn't realize how deep in denial I was. Seriously, you can find my picture next to the word in the dictionary. I have learned so much about myself this month. I have learned that I probably need to talk to a professional. I know that keeping stuff inside does not make it go away. I also learned that happiness starts from within. So far this year I have been having a difficult time with my emotions but I am not going to let that get me down I am going to push through because everything is only for a season. I truly believe that life's obstacles are only there to make us stronger. If I can survive the hard times I know there isn't anything that can keep from becoming a better me. 


  1. Great post Shannie. I've enjoyed reading your H-L challenge updates. I think you've done brilliantly! :)

  2. Thanks Tim I enjoyed reading yours as well:D

  3. Thank YOU, Shannie. You've contributed so much to this challenge and I'm so glad that you have been working on this with me. And thank you for posting this as well. I know it isn't always easy to put personal things out there but it sure helps knowing that we're not alone in all of this. Big hugs to you!