Sunday, January 23, 2011

90 Days to Better Fitness Day 6+7 Completed!

Day 6 Recap: My day 6 started of good. I had a nice breakfast (maybe too nice) I made pancakes and I ate eggs and ham. Then I did 10mins of Insanity (which I now think was a very bad idea) then I did about 10mins of Yoga Booty Ballet. (I wasn't really in the mood of doing that so I stopped). Then I had a huge binge feast. I don't know why but I was eating everything in sight. I had two pudding snacks, yogurt, a small bag of chips, some cookies and noodles and this was all in one sitting. I also had a huge amount of bbq ribs and baked macaronni.  So I ate all those things back to back and I still wasn't full. However, I managed to prevent myself from eating anymore than that. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate that much at one point. I don't think I ever did that. I am kind of hoping that it was actually a bad dream. You know one of those dreams that feel so real but luckily it is not? Yeah I am just going to claim denial on that one. Day 6 is behind me and I am not letting it ruin the rest of my 90 days. Luckily when I weighed myself this morning I was still at 203lbs. Tom is visiting this week so I think he is the culprit of my binge feast. 

Day 7 Went a whole lot better. I did Turbo Fire Sculpt 30 class (30mins), Then I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2 (45min workout) , finally I did three miles of Leslie Sansone (5Mile Advance Walk). (37mins). I did not have a problem with my eating today. I ate like I normally do.  I am pleased with how today went. 

Tomorrow starts Week 2 of this whole 90 days to fitness.  I will post a plan for week 2 tomorrow. I am going to focus a bit more on my eating. I want to start eating cleaner. I am thinking about trying out this diet (way of eating) that I found in a book.(I will talk more about the book in a separate post and more about the diet tomorrow). Before this post gets too long I am going to say good night. I have to start sleeping longer.4-5 hours of sleep isn't cutting it anymore. 

Thanks for reading I hope everyone else had a great week. 


  1. I agree that it's TOM's fault. I go through that, too. It's weird, but it's like no matter what I do, I can't get full. Can't be coincidence. Still, these stupid obstacles - grr!!!
    You're doing great, Shannie - and you're working on some heavy duty exercise routines, too. Keep it up!

  2. Hi, new follower. My old ww leader would say if you binge, call it a vegetable and move on
    good luck on your 90 days. I will be cheering u on

  3. Hey! Welcome to my blog! I just checked your's out and I started following you too! Thanks for the advice! :D

  4. @ Ellen... I am not going to be discouraged. But sometimes its times like that that I almost hate being a women. Its like with all the hormones we cant catch a break!

  5. The Day 7 workout is a killeeeeer !! Where did you find the energy to do all that ? And Turbo jam is the bomb. I used to do it years ago with a friend and I loooove the move "zigzag knee". lol

  6. I don't know where the energy came Maybe that day I was a bit