Wednesday, January 19, 2011

90 days to better fitness Day 3

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Day 3 is over and done with! I did Walk away the pounds Advance walk. I did 3 miles in 35mins and my legs and back and arms are extremely sore!(This is from the three days of working out though) I also tried to do Davina Super Body workout but I could only finish 14mins of it. (total of 40mins). Tomorrow I think I am only going to do 1mile and then a stretch class just to give my body a bit of a chance to recover from the soreness.

I had to push myself to work out today. I almost used rest day as an excuse, however since I am still at the beginning of my quest to get this done I don't want to give myself a chance to be derailed. So I pushed through it. I may grumble while I am doing it but I still try to give it my all. Not wanting to do it seems to make finishing it a bit sweeter as well.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for the encouragement. I really appreciate it! You all are giving me the strength to finally change my life for the better!

Until tomorrow


  1. Good luck... I am lifting weight and it is SORE

  2. I am afraid to lift weights:( I lack strength. Some day I may have to give it a try though

  3. I've been walking a lot this week so I share your pain! My legs feel like jelly but I know over time they'll get used to it and will be stronger in the long run. Well done you!!

  4. Go girl!! Feel the burn, girl that burn is something else ain't it? Don't be afraid to lift weights, you gotta start somewhere!!!

  5. lol Thanks. You are right about that I am sure I will give it a try some day though.