Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Losing Weight the Hard Way???

I came across this title to a video "Losing Weight the Hard Way" on YouTube. I did not watch the video because I wasn't interested in seeing it but the first thought that came to my mind was, is there an easy way to lose weight? Honestly, I believe that there are no easy ways to lose weight. Even persons who get the lap band or gastric bypass have to make lifestyles changes and struggle to lose weight. The truth is if losing weight was easy everyone would be slim! Unless of course the person didn't want to be slim. But to humour myself, I decided to search for "easy ways to lose weight". I came across this one website that is entitled "11 Easy Ways to Lose weight in 2weeks".

Before I clicked the website I thought it would give me some "off landish" (my way of saying over the top, weird) suggestions/tips that would probably require me to starve myself.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there are actually some really good tips on the site. It gives you simple changes that you can make that could possibly help you see some results. So if you are interested check out the site and tell me what you think.


  1. I was surprised by this article, too. I thought it was going to tell me to drink one of their weight-loss cookies or shakes three times a day! lol
    Very, very good tips - all of them. Thanks for posting, Shannie :)

  2. Refreshing article. It's nice to see sensible soluions instead of some of the things you see in magazines. Scary stuff out there!

    Keep focused!

  3. Pretty good tips there! I don't think it's easy to lose weight but I do think it's too easy to put on weight. There are so many foods out there these days which have enough calories to cover the whole day but look healthy to eat.

    For example, the other day I was in the supermarket and there was some kind of chicken salad. I looked at the calorie count and it had approx. 700 calories in for a salad. There was also a pizza there which was 600 calories per 1/3 serving. So if someone ate the whole thing then they would have consumed 1800 calories. Unbelievable.

  4. @Ellen That was my thought exactly I was pleasantly surprised that it gave realistic advice.

    @Tim I know exactly what you mean. There is this danish thing that I used to love eating. Seriously I used to eat two back to back and it is not that big and one day out of curiosity I looked at the calorie amount and it was over 800 calories. I was so shock!

    @ Joy Thanks I am trying to stay focused but it is way too hard for me right now.