Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stressful Few Days

The last three days have been extremely stressful for me and my eating has suffered a lot because of it. I have no idea why I am feeling this way, but I have been nervous, moody and I have been having problems sleeping. The lack of sleep most likely is the cause of my nervousness and moodiness or maybe my moodiness and nervousness is the results of my lack of Either way I have been having problems sleeping and eating. I am one of those persons who will not eat because of stress. Food doesn't comfort me at all if anything it does the opposite. I am still logging everything I eat at, on Thursday I ate 1280calories which was good for me cause it was close to my target of 1300 which made me happy. Friday however I only ate 1064 calories. According to the food analysis on the website I did not eat enough protein, fibre and my vitamins we lacking too.  I worry less about the vitamin portion because I supplement that with a multivitamin pill. (eventually I will work that out with food). I was really exhausted from the lack of sleep so I didn't exercise those two days.Yesterday (Saturday) was the worst day. I only ate about 600 calories!  I was slightly hungry in the evening but I was unable to put any food in my mouth. I did however get in 30mins of workout with the help of Leslie Sansone healthy heart walking dvd. It was a 2mile walk and it is pretty low impact. I went on the scale last night (and this morning) and it says I am down a lil over a pound since Friday's weigh in. So I am currently 207.9 from 209 (probably water weight though) . Today I am going to aim for 1400 calories because I don't want my body to go into starvation mood. I like the fact that I am finally making progress it has been a long road to travel and I am not turning back. Because of my history I want to lose weight the healthy way, but stressing about it won't help either. It is ironic that I am giving a stress management speech on Tuesday in my oral communications class but I am having problems managing my own 

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