Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ramblings and Food Journal....

I am trying to gain a new perspective when it comes to my eating. There is no question in my mind that in order to lose weight I need to eat healthier. ( Light bulb moment, yea it did just turn on). Honestly, I already knew that I needed to eat better but for some reason I didn't want to acknowledge it and I have no idea why. I think it goes back to my post on self sabotage, not eating right gives me an excuse for not losing weight. It is so easy to say I didn't lose weight because I know I didn't eat right, it is a lot harder to try my hardest and still not lose weight. But how do I know I will fail unless I try. ( I hope you are following this I tend to jump from point to point). Why do I even think I will fail? I was reading a article that give tips on losing weight and one of the tips was to think thin. 

Think thin I thought? What did that mean? Well the article said to carry yourself the way you want to feel, be positive, walk with your abdomen tight and your shoulder back be confident and the rest will follow. (anyways back on point). I have decided that I will be positive think thin and work on my eating. The first thing is planning. Unfortunately, I am not in the position at this moment to plan my meals in advance but I can plan what times I eat. I am going to eat three times a day and I will have two snacks a day. I want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and I am elimination unnecessary carbs. I know that one of the main faults in my current diet is a lack of variety. So for the rest of the year I am going to continuously work on my eating and by the new year I should be on point with eating. 

Food Journal, I started today to log everything that I put in my mouth. So far it is helping me avoid the bad stuff because I don't want to write it down. At the end of the day I will review what I ate and add a calorie number to it, (using an online calorie counter) then I will write any suggestions on changes I need to make.

I am also doing really good with my water intake, on a pervious post I said I would drink 64oz of water, I looked up how much water I needed for to drink and It said I should drink 112oz a day. I was like WHAT??? I haven't gotten up to that number yet but I am working on it. I found that drinking a lot of water is helping with my cravings as far as soft drinks is concerned. 

I really want to live a healthy life. Life is so unpredictable and there are so many things that we cant avoid, or control but I can control my weight and I can control what I put into my mouth. Trust me I have no intentions of turning into a control freak but this is something I want to do for myself. I don't want to develop heart disease or diabetes. These things for the most part can be avoided, prevention is always better than a cure. Plus I want to wear cute clothes 

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