Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Week in Review.

Last week was like a roller coaster ride for me. I started the week off good for my weight in on Friday (the week before) was 209 and by Sunday I was 207. Monday and Tuesday (of last week) I worked out well but I did not eat nearly enough calories, I only at 700 and 500 of the 1300 I am supposed to eat. Also, I didn't track my eating on Wednesday but at the end of the day I logged what I had eaten that day and it was 1600 calories. I noticed that I ate a lot less when I was tracking then when I wasn't. The reason for that is when I am tracking I know what nutrients I am missing and if I can't find the foods that I need to fill that need I don't eat anything. (Weird but true). I exercised on Wednesday as well but by Thursday the scale read that I was up by 1lb from my Sunday weight and I was surprised because I really didn't eat that much and I was still exercising. However, I didn't drink enough water, that much I am sure of and I didn't take my vitamins so I chuck last week up as a fail. Last week was a fail in my opinion not because I only lost one lb from my last official weigh in but because I didn't make healthy eating choices. 

For my 15 in 15 challenge weight  I lost 1lb (208). This morning I went on the scale and I am 206.8 I don't know where the extra 1.2 lbs went because I didn't exercise over the weekend and I did eat a lot of junk foods so I am not really taking that number seriously. Nevertheless this is a new week and I am getting back on track when it comes to eating. I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast and it has been helping with my digestion which is amazing. I was taking green tea extract the week before, I didn't take any last week but I think I am going to start taking them again. Last week I also didn't take my thyroid meds like I should have so I have to make an effort to stay on track this week with that. (I will post my goals for this week in a different post.)


  1. I can totally relate to this!! I'm always low on protein, and when i track, I see this. If I can't find a food that has high enough proteing and very low fat, then I choose to not eat anything.

  2. Thanks for commenting it is good to know I am not the only one who has this struggle