Saturday, October 16, 2010

15lbs in 30 Days...

Yesterday while reading blogs, I came across this challenge to lose 15lbs in 30days. I immediately started laughing  because my first thought was there is no way I can lose that much weight in 30 days. I would have to average about 3.5lbs a week to make that happen. I thought about the amount of work that I had to do to lose the 2lbs I lost last week. Then my laugh turned serious and my competitive self came out and I was thinking why not give it a shot? What do I have to lose? Besides weight, nothing! I think this challenge will help me with the other challenge I am doing which is to lose 15lbs in 15weeks. I think it will also help me with my eating because I will not waste my calories on junk food (wishful thinking).  Maybe It will be the extra push I need to get where I want to be. Which is more active and fit.

Another reason why I want to do the challenge (also the blogger's reason for the challenge) is because my birthday is in November (6days after the challenge ends) if I could pull this off I promise you I am going to eat a nice slice of cake for my birthday with some ice cream with sprinkles on top. Despite my new excitement over the challenge I know I have some rough weeks ahead because I will have term papers and reports due in November so I am going to be extra stressed, but what better way to manage that stress than through exercise????? Wish me luck, because I think I am going to need it. 

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