Monday, October 11, 2010

Another 30 Day Workout Challenge Update

All I can say is it worked! I was sitting in bed at 11.30pm and I didn't work out at all yesterday. Honestly I was going to skip working out, I thought I deserved it. I had worked out for the most part twice a day for this whole week (I think one day I only exercised one time) and I thought that I deserved a rest day but my mind and body was completely against that. 

Anyways this whole time I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep and my mind is saying, go work out! you need to walk out! you didn't work out, it was like I was being tortured by my mind to work out. Seriously??? So I got out of bed and I did 40mins of exercise first I did Turbo Jam 20min workout, then I did Leslie Sansone Get up and Get Started the 1mile walk and at the end of it all I was sweating and I felt relax exhausted and ready for bed. 

The Moral of my story is,  even though my 30 days Workout Challenge doesn't official end until Wednesday I can certainly say that it has become a habit for me to work out. So I was able to accomplish one of my goals of making exercise a part of my day to day/weekly routine and I am ecstatic. I feel like even though the weight is coming off slower than I would like it to I am learning and growing and getting where I need to be. My body is changing positively as well.

I noticed that since I started exercising the swelling in my ankle (associated with my hypothyroidism) has been reduced (it is pretty much non existent actually do I finally got my ankle back.) I have less joint pains and my knee doesn't hurt anymore. My knees were a huge hindrance when I first started working out, but now I don't have any knee pains.  My clothes fit me well. I have some jeans that I bought a while back that doesn't fit me and I am so looking forward to wearing them, they are a size 12 I got them from Ross when I went to Miami last year. Right now the jeans stop at my hips so a few more inches and I will get into them. Even though I am plus size I wear stretch jeans in a size 12 comfortably if its non stretch I wear 14. I am getting so excited about where I am going with this I feel like I am finally taking the steps to being healthy. I am even starting to enjoy exercising. Yaaaaaaaaaaay me :D


  1. Love your blog name :) Great to meet you and look forward to keeping up with your blog. That is so wonderful that exercise has helped reduce the swelling in your feet. Great to have increased circulation.

  2. YOu are really doing a great job! I am happy that you are starting to see a whole bunch of changes, keep up the excellent work.

  3. @ Shanilie Thanks for following my blog I am checking your blogs out as well and so far I enjoy reading your blog too. (i am following you too now btw) all that food looks so yummy you are going to make me I am really happy about my ankles too because i used to have really bad joint pains

    @ MissHaneefa Thank you so much you are an inspiration to me!

  4. I feel like it took me years to make exercise a habit, but I am sure that it didn't really:) Some days I still struggle with motivation just to get started but I am always glad I did it once the workout is over.

  5. @ waisting time: I think it depends on the type of exercise that you are doing. If you enjoy doing it, it is easier for it to become a habit. But if it feels like a chore you are going to do it reluctantly and you're not in a good mood while your exercising then it's not going to stick. i found exercises that I love doing. I still have to motivate myself to get out of bed and put on my clothes and tennis shoes but like you said once it's over with I feel happy that i did it