Monday, February 21, 2011

Goals for the Week

Recap from Last week's goals.

  1. Get through week 2 of Turbo Fire. Over and Done :D Week 2 was hard and there were moments when i didn't feel like exercising but I got it done and I feel like even though the workouts are still difficult I can see an improvement in my stamina. So far the hardest has been the stretch 40 class. I don't have a yoga mat so that is making this workout difficult because I have to keep adjusting the blanket or the towel. First time I did it I could only push through 7mins of it. Second time I made it to 14mins. This week I hope to do at least 21mins. 
  2. Eat Breakfast every day Epic Pass :D I didn't miss breakfast one day this week. 
  3. Eat at least one serving of fruit and one serving of veggy every day. I started off good then I didn't. I have to keep working on this goal. Monday to Thursday I did fairly well actually. I was eating salads for dinner and a fruit with my breakfast but then my mood changed and I wasn't interested. 
  4. Go to the gym twice a week. (I go to the school gym cause its free!). The gym is still waiting for me to walk through the door. 
  5. Write down everything I eat. Even though I am not counting calories. I think it is important to know what you are eating so you can have an idea of what you are eating too much of and what you aren't getting enough of. This is another work in progress. I can write down my exercise goals and carry them out but I hate focusing on food and what I am eating. I am convinced that that makes me want to eat more. I think I am just being lazy about it. 
Goals for This Week:

  1. Get through week 3 of Turbo Fire. I can't believe I made it to week 3 :D Last week I said it was boring, I think I had lost my mind. So far my favourite workout is the Fire 45 Class. I still hate Fire EZ 55. I was fooled by the EZ thinking it meant Easy, but Sir give me the Dutch interpretation for it. Extra Zwaar ( extra difficult) I think that fits 
  2. Walk 3-5 Miles everyday. Even though I got through week 2 of turbo fire, I felt like I could have done more. I didn't push myself to do more because it wasn't in my goals for the week so I didn't feel like I had to push myself. This week I want to push myself. Of course I will be using the Walk Away The Pounds Dvd to help me meet my walking goals. 
  3. Write down EVERYTHING I eat. Self explanatory. I really don't know why this is such a difficult thing to do. 
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables... At least 1 piece of fruit or veggie a day. Continue to eat breakfast everyday. 


  1. Good luck with your goals!


  2. Turbo Fire week THREE?? You are on a roll, Shannie! I think you're doing an amazing job....especially good on the breakfast eating, too. I know if you're not a breakfast person that can be the one most difficult to master - good luck with your remaining goals (although I don't think you need any luck! :)

  3. Love reading your goals and how you did. Its such a great way to stay accountable and re evaluate if/when need be. I don't know what turbo fire is but keep it up!!

  4. Thanks Ladies :D

    @ Ellen I can't believe I am on week three. 15days of turbo fire is over and done. I really feel like I am going to make it to week 20.

    @Susie, the hardest part about keeping my goals is always eating related. I am happy that you like reading about how my week went.

  5. I've tried writing down stuff I have eaten and I really dont know why it's so difficult but it certainly is! The first few days are fine, everything gets written down but then something happens such as "i'll write that down when I get home" or "this is only small, it isn't worth writing down" and then that's becomes the hardest thing in the world to do! LOL

  6. I am telling you! Why is it so hard to just get a pen and write down what i eat? I still haven't done it I will do it today though

  7. I hear you on saying that you hate focusing on food and what you're eating, and that it makes you want more. That's exactly how I feel ! That's why I've stopped tracking and it's working for me.
    Find out what works for you !

  8. I have an award for you on my blog.