Sunday, February 20, 2011


Nuff  (enough) said? You got my post about how disappointed that I was not under 200lbs yet. I took Ellen's advice and weighed in my bday suit this morning and thats the number I got. Strange enough I do not feel as excited as I thought I would. but then again I feel like I am finally getting somewhere! This beats waking up to 203 after busting my a$$ The next time I weigh myself will be Friday February 27th and I hope to lose another 2lbs. But I will be happy with not seeing a gain! My new mission is to get as far away from 200 as I can get. So 189 Here I come :D 

But do you see how f**ked  up an obsession with the scale can be? I was so close to saying forget it, I am not supposed to lose this weight. I will probably be on here another time talking about wanting to give But I have to stay determined and committed. Honestly, my motivation to lose weight has faded but I made a deal with myself that I am going to get to goal and that's what I plan to do motivated or not. 

Again I thank all of you for reading. Your kind words are keeping me dedicated. Did I say before that I wasn't excited? SCREW THAT I AM! Anyways until my next post! :D 


  1. Yea for you!!!!! :) :)


  2. Woo Hoo! You are doing awesome. Getting under 200 is huge!

  3. Thanks :D I am proud of myself. I cant wait til i get to

  4. HOW on earth did I miss this post? I'm two weeks late at congratulating you, but nonetheless: CONGRATS!! :D
    You're getting there, Shannie. If anyone deserves this, it's you (you work so incredibly hard!) X0X0