Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This post I am going to keep as short as possible. I was able to get in my 2hrs of exercise. In fact I did 2hrs and 39mins! I did four different exercises 

  • Walk Away the Pounds Healthy Heart Walk 30mins
  • Walk Away the Pounds 4mile Super Charged Walk 59mins
  • Zumba Cardio Party: 45mins. I can't believe that I used to HATE Zumba, I think when I first tried it I wasn't at the right fitness level for it. Because I really really HATED Zumba, I am happy I gave it another try. 
  • Turbo Fire Hiit 15+Stretch 10 Class 26mins: I wasn't going to mention this until I was like on week three but I am trying yet again to complete turbo fire. I think this is like my fourth attempt! Please pray for me I really want to get through the circuit. (I am on day three REST DAY! 
Total Workout Time 2hrs 39mins 
Total Calories burned 833 

Today is "Rest Day" I am kind of nervous about rest day because I feel committed right now and I don't want it to be difficult to start up on  Thursday. Right now I feel fine. I am not sore or hurting or anything. My right knee is a bit tight I guess you can say. It gives me a little bit of discomfort when I am working out but it is nothing compared to when I first started out in September 2010. I found a tai chi for health dvd that I want to try out. I looked at it and it looks relaxing I may try that out today. But I will let you all know what I decided to do. 

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is on track and doing great!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. You are really hitting this goal hard, Shannie. So proud of you and I'm keeping an eye on that knee, hoping your pain will disappear all together.

  2. Shannie PLEASE don't overdo it! There is a such thing as over training, I went through that at one point and didn't lose an ounce! You shouldn't feel nervous or anxious about taking your rest days either, you need them for muscle repair and growth. You know how I feel about Turbo Fire lol! You will be able to complete a round..then you'll want to do another :-)! One last thing. Both of my knees used to bother me (tightness and soreness), I would pop a couple Aleve, throw on some Icey Hot and keep it moving. My knees don't bother me at all anymore. You'll see once the extra weight is gone, your knees will be an afterthought! Just make sure you aren't keeping your feet planted while you are doing Turbo Fire. Keep up the great work doll!

  3. Thanks Ellen!

    @Miesha at this point I don't feel like I am overdoing it. I have been reading about working out to much. To make sure that I am not overdoing it. My knee isn't so bad that I need painkillers so thats good. But thanks for your concern I really appreciate it. I am so determined to get through turbo fire this time around.

  4. I find that I keep my rest days FLOATING. So when I feel like I need a day off, if my body is especially crappy, then I take the day off. Otherwise, I will go as long as I can while I am feeling good. I think this helps me really listen for injuries and ride good body feelings.

    Polar's Mom

  5. Do the Tai Chi! I sometimes use my rest days for pilates, because it's relaxing and I don't need too much motivation to do it, then I save my REALLY off days for when I'm really sore and I know my body needs to rest. But it looks like your workouts were really on track this week!!!

  6. You can stretch today or something. I agree with Polar, save a rest day for when you feel you need it. But its important to use them.

  7. @Polar, Kelty and Shabby: I was thinking about that as well, because I really feel good I don't have any major soreness at all. I feel like while I am motivated I should work out. I am not going to do anything too strenuous. Thanks for your input ladies I really appreciate it!

  8. Great work Shannie. I love rest days, they're my favourite days when it comes to exercising LOL.

  9. Wow what a lot of exercise! Don't fear your rest day, even professionals have a rest day!

  10. Thanks Jin :D Dani it really isn't that But yeah I will take my rest day next time