Saturday, February 5, 2011

90 Days to Better Fitness Day 17+18 Completed!

I have been killing myself trying to do 4hrs of exercise. Not literally of course but why is it so difficult for me to complete it? Today is my last day to get that goal complete and I am having doubts...

Recap on Journey to Better Fitness:

Day 17:

Workouts that I did:

Turbo Jam 20minute workout: I like doing this when I am short on time. 20mins 
Turbo Fire HIIT 15: This is only 15mins but it is DIFFICULT
Yoga Booty Ballet: 60min workout, I can't remember the exact workout I did but it was divided into three sections, there is a dance section, a ballet section and a yoga section, the ballet section was the hardest my arms were burning. But overall I liked the workout. 
Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 2: I wasn't able to finish this workout because I didn't have enough time I had to get ready to go to class. But I did get through 20mins of it

Total workout time: 1hr 55mins 

Day 18: 

Turbo Jam Ab Jam: I don't know how I feel about this workout... It was 20mins
Walk Away The Pounds Advance 5mile Walk: I love this, I burn a considerable amount of calories and it makes me sweat heaps. 1hr 16mins
The Firm High Calorie Workout (something like that I am not good with names) I did this for 20mins I think it is actually a 45min workout but the instructor was moving way too fast for me she wasn't giving me a chance to transition it was like from one step to the next everything was moving too fast which was frustrating me. So after 20mins I switched workouts to WATP. 

Total Workout Time 1hr and 56mins. 

I was a bit disappoint with Day 18 because I had mega plans to complete my 4 hrs but that didn't happen because I waited too late to exercise and I got really But yeah I still have today. 

These are the workouts I am planning to do to get things done.

  1. Walk Away the Pounds 5mile Walk: ~60mins
  2. Biggest Loser Cardio max: ~ 60mins
  3. Turbo Jam Cardio Party: 45mins
  4. Turbo Fire HIIT 15: 15mins
  5. Yoga Booty Ballet: 60mins
Positive Thinking: I am going to get this done! YAAAAAY ME!
Real Me: What the (blink) are you thinking!

Thanks for reading I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. You're CRAZYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! but sometimes that's a good thing to get lots of things done!

    Good luck, you can do it!!