Sunday, February 6, 2011

There is Ice Cream in the freezer...

I think it was Monday that my mother came to my door and she was like Shan any ice cream in the freezer? I was like nah I don't think so, I think I remember finishing it. ( I had forgotten that we had just bought a gallon of ice cream on Saturday)

Mother: " How could you have finish that whole tub of ice cream?
Me: There wasn't that much in it, but I could be wrong I don't know. You can always check.

A few seconds later she is screaming from the kitchen: Shan! Shan! WE  HAVE ICE CREAM IN THE FRIDGE (you should have heard the excitement in her voice. You would have thought she had just won the lottery)

Me; Oh Ok I guess that was last week that I finished it
Mother: It full I know you couldn't have finished it, Do you want some?
Me: Nah I don't want any ice cream I am good.
Mother: Still screaming from the kitchen, You don't know what you are missing it is really good ice cream! You sure you don't want some.
Me: (blank stare) I don't want any. I am good. (All this time I am thinking didn't she understand what I said the first time?)

So she is quiet for a while and I am thinking she finally gave up but 20mins later. I hear her yell again "SHAN! THERE IS ICE CREAM IN THE FRIDGE!

My mother seriously is my worse enemy when it comes to me losing weight. It is so frustrating because she buys me the things I don't buy myself. Like soda and cookies for example.. It is too frustrating to think about...Therefore, the story ends here. Are you wondering if I had any ice cream? Well I haven't eaten it since Saturday before last.  (when we first got it) As much as I love ice cream it is easy for me not to have any. Especially when I forget that it is in the Strange enough I am craving it 


  1. I'm craving it now too!

    I know what you mean about other people buying food. This whole weekend I was at my girlfriends house and her parents made chinese food, put out loads of crisps, biscuits and various other snacky foods and I end up in a situation where I would rather be on a desert island with no food than being surrounded by temptation. I guess it's something we've got to learn to deal with but it's very hard!

  2. I know right? its like they don't get it. My mother thinks that since I am exercising then I can eat whatever I want. It doesn't work like that. Like I said it's too frustrating to think about. Hopefully saying no gets easier with time.

  3. I could've written this post. My mom showed up with fried cheesecake lastnight. A while back she showed up with red velvet cake. I reminded her lastnight to not bring such things over.

  4. Ice cream is my weakness. I love it! I know what you mean talking about people close to you being the worst enemy in weight loss! My family is super supportive, but I have some friends that have done identical things like your mom did! It is funny to read about, but I know that sinking feeling when you think, "why do you keep asking me to eat this??!!"

  5. Awww, our moms showing love with food. Way to be strong and not have any. Keep doing what you're doing!!

  6. @Shabby I wish my mother would love me less if thats the

    @Sarah Ice cream is sooooooo yummy....MMMMM Best thing ever! My mother doesn't listen though. The thing about it is she is SLIM. I think she barely weight 115lbs

    @Dee what are we going to do about our mothers right?

  7. Funny! My mom doesn't even bother asking me if I want junk because she knows I will turn it down lol! She tells everyone I'm "funny style" and that I eat the weirdest stuff! I eat treats on my own accord, I don't need any help!

  8. Lucky you! Yea I just shake my head and try to ignore her.