Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lessons Learned: 2011 Edition

Every now and again I like to do a post on things that I have learned on my weight loss journey. It's been a while since I have done that so I thought I would do it today.

  1. Losing weight takes patience and determination: Whenever I get impatient I stop doing what is working for me because it's taking too long. Then I end up trying to take a shortcut by eating too few calories and I end up gaining. I have to stick to my plan if I want to get to my goal. I have to be patient if I want to get to my goal. I had to stick to what works for as long as it is working if I want to get to my goal.
  2. I have to Eat Breakfast even when I don't feel like it: Skipping breakfast always ends bad for me. I get way to hungry in the afternoon and I end up eating the wrong things because they are more convenient. 
  3. Exercising is more fun when I don't complain about it while I am doing it: It also ends quicker when I have a good attitude about it. 
  4. Sleep is important: Sleep is IMPORTANT ( I had to say that again) Whenever I don't get enough sleep I am cranky as I don't know what and I do not have enough energy to workout. There are many other benefits to sleeping that I could mention but I think that fact that I am in a better mood when I get to sleep is enough right now. 
  5. I am losing weight (want to lose weight) because it's good for my health: I have been using my weight as a comfort zone. I felt more noticed when I was slimmer. People NOTICED when I was gaining weight. People NOTICED that I had big boobs, People NOTICED that I was "pretty", all of which I do not have a problem with now that I am bigger. I have to remember that I can have a more fulfilled life if I am healthy
  6. Loving myself is important: No one is going to want this for me more than I want it for myself. When it comes to losing weight it is me against the world right now. Of course I appreciate the support I get from everyone but if I don't support myself I am not going to do it...
Thanks for reading :D


  1. I just wanted to say im new to reading your blog and I really enjoy your posts. Keep on doing what you're doing! Oooh sleep, my 20month old is finally sleeping thru the night

  2. #1! #1! #1! OH how many times I've stopped what's working for something new. DUMB!

  3. Thanks Shabby I am happy you are enjoying my posts.

    @Pretty Pauline #1 is my number 1 for a reason, i am way too guilty of this.

  4. Those are some GREAT lessons learned! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. I LOVE your lessons! And if you don't mind I would like to link them to my blog:


    So everone visiting me tere can learn from you!

  6. Those are excellent lessons and so important to help us achieve our goals. Great post :)

  7. Great affirmations! I agree about the exercise-when I have something good to watch or good music to listen to my mood lifts and everything is easier!

    Polar's Mom

  8. @Miss obesity Rehad: You can link it no prob

    @Tim thanks :D I am happy that so many people are finding them helpful.

    @ Polar Mom I was thinking about making a post about mindless exercising because that is how I get through it I watch tv while I am exercising especially with workouts that I am familiar with.

  9. Awesome post! love it. and yes sleep is key!