Friday, November 12, 2010

Week in Review


My week was quite eventful and uneventful at the same time. We are winding down the last few weeks of the semestre so I had a heap load of presentations make and reports to write. The worse part about it was that the  lecturers told us from Day 1 what was expected of us. They warned us not to wait for the last minute to start. They advised us to work on it throughout the semestre.  But guess who always has to wait until the night before to prepare??? Yes you guessed it me. Some how I have managed to convinced myself that I think better under pressure. So I have spent this week working on reports and I think for this week (M to R) I have only slept a total of 10hours. So now I am sleep deprived and I will probably be really hungry today. The upside of that was that I have finished the majority of the work I had left this week. I have one more presentation on Tuesday and two papers to write for that day as well then I will be able to relax and think again. Which is why I haven't been posting or working on my exercise challenge. I had too much else to think about that I took the out to stop thinking. I was in autopilot. A few times the light was on but no one was at home. 

Eating and Exercise

I managed to work out one day this week for a little bit over an hour. I think it was 1hr20. I have been eating under 1000 calories this week too, it is not intentional I have just had so many things to do that food didn't cross my mind.  Nevertheless today is a new day. I am going to relax today, eat good and worry about everything else next As far as weight is concerned. I lost 1.9lbs I am exactly 202 ( I can smell 199) It will probably take me 2 weeks to get there but I am going to try to do in 1week. 

The rest

Again I want to say. thanks to everyone for your support. I have been reading everyone's blog even if I didn't comment. I have three posts in draft I am going to edit and get them up if not today, tomorrow. If you have a blog and I am not already a follower of yours let me know I am happy to follow everyone! I have learned so much already from reading others posts and I have an opinion about EVERYTHING! Until next time! 


  1. Glad to hear that you are almost done all your work.

  2. I figured something must be going on for you not to update for a few I see why!! How you maintain a blog at all is pretty amazing. Hope you get some much deserved rest this weekend :)

  3. Hope you get some rest soon!!!
    I do have a blog also
    Thanks for checking it out whenever you have time!