Monday, November 15, 2010

Mini Vacation and Turbo Jam

Although I have been working out (sparsely but still) I have not been sticking to my plan like I planned. Therefere, I am starting over. My boyfriend and I are going on a mini vacation right before Christmas. We are going to be spending 4 days at a resort in Treasure Cay, Abaco (which is an island in the Bahamas). We will be there from the 16 December to the 20 December. I am so very excited.We did a similar trip early this year where we visited another Bahamian Island and we had a blast. We went bike riding, we walked the beach and investigated the reef. We saw small fish, crabs and a lot of sea urchins. We went fishing, we filled the hot tub full of bubbles it was a blast. We would have revisited Andros but we wanted to try something new. (I got a bit of track). 

A few of the pictures we took during our trip. The yellow building (top left) is the whole entire  I got a serious tan too. That is how much time we spent outside in the sun it was amazing. (May 2010)

Anyways although we had a lot of fun in Andros one thing we didn't do was take enough pictures. There were two reasons for that, one we were having too much fun to take pictures, and two I am not comfortable taking pictures. I really regret not taking more pictures from our vacation in Andros. I am not making that same mistake twice.  I plan on taking tons of pictures in Abaco. Also, I want to look my best in the pictures, so I am using that as a source of motivation to get back on track with exercising.

For the next few weeks, I will be following the Turbo Fire exercise routine. This is the first time I will do the complete workout plan (well I won't follow the diet plan). I love doing turbo jam it gives me a lot of energy and turbo fire is a more intense version of that workout plan so it should be both challenging and fun. I haven't gotten a measuring tape yet but I will try to get one today. In a later post I will give my measurements and show a current picture of myself.


  1. Looks like so much fun! YOu are going to have a blast.

  2. Thanks I think we are going to have fun too and hopefully we will have lots of good pictures to share!

  3. Love the bubbles picture! I'm alittle jealous that you are going to the Bahamas :). Get back on plan and think about your results by the time you leave in Decemeber.

  4. I am jealous!! Do you have any room in your suitcase so I can I come too!!! I'd love to go there!!

  5. @TheFatMOM I am from the Bahamas I am just visiting a different island.I am definitely determined to get back on track.

    @Tim lol if I could have I

  6. You're welcome for any motivation that comes your way from reading my blog!! By the way, I would LOVE to enjoy the Bahamas!!! Have fun for me, too!!!!