Friday, November 19, 2010

15 in 15 Weigh In and Rambling

Last week's weigh in I was 202, this week I am.... wait for it......... 202! So I had no change, I could go on and on saying how I didn't expect better because last week I did not eat enough calories, and how I am bloated because I haven't you know... stinky this (yes I said stinky). I even did what Tim did, I took off all my clothes, I took whiz, I even got up at 4am this morning to get in a last minute workout just do even sweat off a pound even if it was only water weight but that 202 would not budge for longer than 2mins. I looked down that the number that wouldn't budge and I wanted to scream "STUPID SCALE! THIS IS WHY I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU!" 

On a serious note, although I would have liked to see a number below 200:lbs I was not disappointed. I am fine with the scale. I am not only on a journey to lose weight (well it is but you know what I mean) I also want to be healthy. The weight will come off eventually! Hopefully I will lose it before I am too old to enjoy my sexy body. But, believe this! If it takes me until I am 90 to get a slim sexy body you better believe there will be a 90year old woman fitting my description, wrinkles and all walking around in a mini shirt checking out young dudes! Because I worked hard for it and I am going to show it off even if it takes that long. For everyone else's sake I hope it doesn't take that

Anyways back on point.  I am more excited about my workout today. Yesterday I did Fire 30 again. I made it 4mins longer than I did the first time I did it. For some reason I could not push myself enough to finish the workout even though I only had about 6mins left. Today the workout is called Fire 55 EZ Class. I am praying that EZ stands for easy. I am going to RANT about it if Chalene misleads

Anyways I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Thanks for reading!


  1. LOL, I do the same thing when I weigh. Pee first, strip, and pray to whoever is listening that I lost something. Weight loss is always a mysterious thing. You find something that works and then your body doesn't respond and you have to find something else. And I want pictures of your wrinkly 90 year old ass in a mini skirt. Hilarious!

  2. Shannie, you are just so funny (and so right!) because I've done each and every one of those things with my own scale! I would be very surprised if you didn't go down over the weekend. Have a great weekend, and btw - thanks SO much for your comments on my posts the last couple of days. You're an incredible person and I'm glad we found each other through our blogs :)

  3. Thank you both for the comments. I am trying to show more of my true personality on my blog cause I spend most of my day joking around. And I want losing weight to be fun I don't want it to feel like a chore.

    @Ellen I can't say enough how much I like your blog, it's always informative and encouraging and you are like my friend in my mind (Wendy Williams)And I honestly feel the same way about you. Thanks for the kind words