Monday, November 15, 2010

The Junk Food Diet...

The other morning, I was watching an American morning newscast and one of the featured story was on a Professor of Nutrition who claimed that he was able to lose 27lbs eating nothing but twinkees and junk food (for the most part that was all he ate). His diet is called the "Junk Food Diet". The study was conducted under the premise that portion control was more important than nutritional value when one is trying to lose weight. Therefore as long as you stay within your calorie intake you lose weight no matter what you eat. The first thought that came to my mind is that this guy is looking for a way to make money. Sure enough, he is writing a guide for his "revolutionary diet". Honestly, there is nothing remarkable about his study. Everyone who has done research on weight loss knows that calorie counting is an important aspect which promotes weight loss. Weight Watchers for example, makes millions (if not billions) of dollars on this theory. Portion Control is the basic calories in calories out that all "diet experts" and bloggers promote.I think everyone who is trying to lose weight knows this already.

Although, I am not particularly fond of this study, I think there are some positive implications to what he is doing. For persons like me who enjoys eating junk food, we know that can successfully lose weight even if we slip up and eat junk food. We know that we don't have to go on a very restrictive diet and see junk food as a devil that will hinder our progress. We know that IT IS OK TO INDULGE (within limits) every now and again. We can do that without feeling guilty. I know from personal experience that overly restrictive diets (eating plans) do not work for me. What usually happens when I try to avoid certain foods is that it becomes a source of temptation for me and I end up binging later. On the other hand, if I treat myself to something sweet when I am craving it I am able to control how much I eat without going overboard. Eventually, I want to get to the point where I do not eat junk food, but until then, I eat what I want but I track. (is it bad to be addicted to tracking? because I feel another addiction (habit) coming

I am going to post some links if you are interested about reading more on the professor and his "studies". Tell me what you think of him. I think he is an opportunist but thats just my  Eating foods that have no nutritional value can lead to deficiencies. Junk food normally contain a lot of sodium also which can lead to high blood pressure. Can someone say this professor is begging for a lawsuit??? 

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