Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comedy Central: First Three Days of Turbo Fire...

... (sigh) It was... (bigger sigh) SO FREAKING DIFFICULT OMG!

Yeah... (smh - shaking my head)

I have been exercising for the better part of 2months. I have seen a lot of improvements in my stamina, and energy level, however, Day 1(Monday) of Turbo Fire made me feel like I am a novice. This was how it went. I started the DVD on my laptop, I was all excited and ready to begin. Charlene (the instructor) was full of energy as usual, the music started to play and I felt the adrenaline start to pump through my veins, I was ready to begin! I don't think I ever had a bigger smile on my face in preparation of exercising.

So we are doing the warm up that she normally uses in her Turbo Jam workout, only this time something was different. I was sweating 2minutes into the warm up and my breathing was heavy (controlled but still heavy). At first I didn't think much of it, my fan wasn't on in my room so I was ready to blame it on the humidity in the air.  Then we got into the workout and she is doing a lot of kicks and jumps and I said to myself holy Sh*t what did I just get myself into???? Then the siren goes off and Charlene says "Now I want you to give 110%". I was like "Heffa is you serious?" 

I got a flash back of when I foolishly convinced myself that I was ready to try insanity. (Can someone say that was an epic fail????) But I didn't want to give up so quickly so I pushed myself to give 100% more effort. Needless to say I thought I was going to hyperventilate! The workout was so intense! I had my phone ready to dial the ambulance. I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes. I said to the Lord, Lord is this how I am supposed to die? Doing a workout video? Really?

The workout was about 30minutes and but I managed to make it through 20mins of it (With the help of breaks of course). For the next 10minutes I stood there watching the moves while at the same time trying to control my breathing. There was NO WAY I could have finished the workout and survive (I am exaggerating but it is just that serious). I seriously thought about giving up the program and finding something else but then I thought about all the other times I had given up on my commitments so I stayed positive and said to myself Tomorrow is another day and another workout stick it through. So that was what I did, I finished my workout day with Leslie Sansone 1mile walk ( I always get a boost of confidence when I can finish an exercise dvd) I woke up feeling well rested then it was on to day two. 

Day 2 (Tuesday) workout was only 15mins but it was very difficult. Even more difficult than day 1. It was a HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training) in a nutshell you are working out at both low and high intensity nonstop. I made it to 5mins then I quit. My breaths were so deep I honestly had no idea my lungs could expand so big. I just stared at the computer screen in shock. I asked myself again what had I gotten myself into? I started to question whether I should continue with the workout program, and again I thought about the other times I had given up. I decided that I would try HIIT on Wednesday because I was too tired to even try to push through the exercise. Instead I took a break and I rested for the remainder of Day two. 

Day 3 (Wednesday) went a lot better than the first two days, I was still really tired while I was doing the HIIT session but I took some B12 vitamins and green tea supplements before I started. I don't know if it is a  mind thing or they really help with energy but I made it through the HIIT workouts without prayers and with minimum rest periods. The workout is 15mins and it took me 20mins to finish it and I did not do the modified version of the workout I gave it my all. I was really proud of myself that I was able to make it through the DVD. I followed up the HIIT workout with the recommended 10minute Stretch DVD. 

Lessons Learned:

  • All I need to do to get through this is to stay focused
  • It is alright to take breaks when my body is telling me I need it and not when my mind says that I need it!
  • Intense workouts makes me feel GREAT!

Final Thought
Yeah I did a lot of complaining while I was working out and I may have said a curse word or two but I feel amazing right now, even with my sore muscles. I am curious what Charlene has in store for me tomorrow! I am looking forward to the day that I can finish the workouts without taking breaks! 

Added Motivation:

My birthday is next week Thursday. If I can lose 5lbs (or at least be under 200lbs) by my birthday I will have a very happy birthday. I want cake and Ice cream and I am getting it!

Would I recommend Turbo Fire?

I will have to answer this when I am done with the program. I can say this though, I don't think it is possible to do this workout program and not see results! (I really need to get a measuring tape so I can track my progress.... is there a pill to make me stop procrastinating?)

If you are curious what the workouts look like there are some videos on YouTube. I don't want to post videos on my blog without the makers permission. 


  1. That was pretty funny! It will definitely get easier with time. I am doing the hybrid with Chalean Extreme and it built up slowly to the TurboFire workouts. The is also a modified schedule in the guidebook for beginners so keep that in mind if you ever feel like changing to a different plan.

  2. I am happy you thought it was funny:D Thanks for the advice I am looking forward to it getting easier :D

  3. omg, you are SO funny, Shannie. I had that same experience with one of those dvd's (I can't remember which one now) but after 5 minutes I just stood there watching, swearing to myself and wondering how on earth they expected me to do that!?!? You are a strong woman, though. You kept up with it and you are going to kick some serious butt when it's all over!

  4. Thanks Ellen, that was exactly the experience I am having, and normally I don't swear but I went beyond my fitness level with this one. I am excited about where I will be by the end of the 20weeks though.

  5. Great post, I am happy that you tried you best to get the most out of each workout. You have to start somewhere right? I know that you can get that weight off for your bday, that would be a great bday gift!

  6. "I want cake and Ice cream and I am getting it!" that is officially my favourite quote of the day! You deserve it for all the brilliant work you've put into losing weight.

    As for cursing whilst working out, I totally understand what you mean. I think I have invented so many new swear words since working my butt off these past few months. I moan, swear and shout at myself to make sure I keep my focus. hehe.

  7. I remember you mentioned in a previous post that you were going to give it another try...I'm glad you did!!! I am currently in my 2nd round of Turbo Fire..week 6 and I still LOVE these workouts! I'm going to order the advanced discs soon! I am still seeing results and waking up at 4 am faithfully to complete these. My sister sounded a bit like you when I convinced her to do the Fire 30 class with me lol! She said Chalene has to be on drugs..nobody should have that much energy lol! Please trust me when I tell you it will get easier AND you will look forward to these workouts. I'm such a fanatic, sometimes I do two a day!! I'll have to post my updated progress pics on my blog soon, along with measurements. My waist is killer :-)

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement.

    @MissHaneffa: Thanks I really hope I make it.

    @Tim you are too funny, i would pay money to hear some of those words you invented. I am sure i would probably pee my

    @ Miesha I was going to wait until January but my up coming vacay (read stupidity) made me want to start early. I agree with your sister,Chalene is the devil!(j/k) I used to hate her energy when I first started turbo jam! I was convinced that no one could be that happy and perky about working out but she grow on me and now I feed of her energy. I can't wait to see your progress! you did so great with the first phase!

  9. Shannie after a week you'll start to catch more of your breath and learn the choreography. Week two will be even better..just hang in there! Sorry you were searching for my blog, I just felt it was time to upgrade to my current state lol!

  10. BTW thank you for the comment about my picture. It's been such a nice reward seeing the changes in my body. I encourage you to take pics at the start of each month if you aren't already, you'll be glad you did! I changed the URL for my blog back to msmiesharoshawn because folks can't find me lol! The title will remain the updated version though :-)

  11. Funny post, keep up the good work. You can do it!