Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1 of November Exercise Challenge is Complete.

I am going to be honest, I don;t feel like blogging right now (I am feeling stressed and have a lot going on right now) but a part of my challenge said that I would do updates on how my challenge is going because I feel it will help me stay on track . Overall yesterday went well, I pretty much met all the requirements. I drank enough water and I watched my calorie intake and I kinda worked out for an hour yesterday. I say kinda because I started working out at about 11:50pm and I didn't complete my workouts until about 1:10am. Yes PEOPLE I workout really late. I hope it still counts according my to boyfriend the next morning doesn't start until the sun comes up...lol 

To be honest I prefer working out at night, I have no idea why but it seems like I can't muster enough energy to put on my workout clothes and tennis until it is late in the evening. Another reason why I work out so late is because, it is the most convenient time for me. It is when my house is quietest and it is less likely for my 3 year old nephew to interrupt me during my workout sessions. However, there is a negative side to working out so later! It took me an hour to fall asleep after I finished my workouts! It sucks but looking at the bright side at least I did it.

November 1st Workouts:
  1. Walkaway the pounds 2mile walk: I used 2lbs weight instead of the weight balls (I don't have those) and my arms were burning but I am happy I did it (30min workout)
  2. Yoga Booty Ballet Cardio Cabaret.: I have to say that normally I don' t like dance workouts I hate Zumba but I really like this workout. As the name suggests it combines principles of yoga dancing and ballet. It was a bit hard to keep up with the moves sometimes but I still really enjoyed myself. It was fun to do yoga again.  When they were done I seriously wondered where the time went. I am going to do this working again most likely on Friday. (30min workout)


  1. way to go, Shannie. Any way you can squeeze it in is the right way. Just curious though: if you work out that late, does it give you more energy, or does it make you sleep better? I workout first thing in the morning but maybe I should change it up a bit.....

  2. Honestly, I think it depends. I have noticed that I sleep better after I work out late but it takes an up to an hour for me to go to sleep after working out. I have read articles that say it is not a good idea to work out too close to bedtime because you may have so much energy that you have problems falling asleep.