Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 2 and 3 of Personal Exercise Challenge

To sum it up the two days were complete and utter failures. I did not work out at all. Monday I only slept for only three hours and so when it was time for me to exercise on Tuesday I was literally falling asleep. After 20mins of trying two different work out videos I gave up trying because I wasn't giving it enough effort for it to have any effect. I was going to make it up yesterday by working out for 1:30mins but I a lower back pain I can even bend over because my back hurts too much. Writing this seems like I am making a lot of excuses but nevertheless I am going to make up my hours this week. I hope I have better luck today.


  1. Shannie, you are not making excuses. Those of us with back pain know that every muscle in your body can be affected when your back isn't in its best shape. Take care of it, even if you have to cut back for a few days, or else you might injure yourself and then be out for a week. Just remember, any kind of movement is good, even if it's a little bit. Hope you're feeling better soon (and can get some sleep!)

  2. Thanks the the advice :D I have been sleeping better lately

  3. I want to feature you as this week's Star of The Week in the 15 in 15 Challenge. Can you email me at haneefa[underscore]c[at]hotmail[dot]com. Thanks!