Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And the list goes on!

Suppose food came with a list of side effects. For example, suppose one of your favourite fast food restaurant listed on the package that eating food from the establishment could lead to obesity. Then it listed all the health risk factors connected with being obese such as,  type 2 diabetes, heart disease stroke, lymphoma, kidney failure, high blood pressure, depression, or low self-esteem would you still eat there?

This thought came to my mind after I saw a prescription drug commercial on TV. They were advertising a drug for depression but the side effects were worse than the medical condition!

Back to my previous question, would you still eat at that establishment? If you were honest, you would probably say yes, (unless of course your honest answer was no) because I know I would still eat at that establishment. Why does knowledge only take us so far? For example, I seriously would not take depression pills that could help me because of the side effects but I would still eat some greasy (yet delicious) fast food burger that I know hinders my weight loss progress! I think this is crazy. But just one more thing I have to work on… 

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  1. Awesome post!!! Thank you! Hopefully now I will imagine a warning label when pulling up to a drive thru orer box!

  2. @ Rusti I really wished that worked for me, But sometimes reading the labels on Junk foods does work. I once stopped buying a honey bun that I liked because it was over 500 calories!

  3. Great post! Sometimes I wonder if I could overcome this food addiction to take more control over my health. I'm borderline type II diabetic, and it's hard not to think about all the bad things that come with it. I'm going to start thinking about the warning labels when I make my food choices!

  4. @Toot my grandmother died from complications of type 2 diabetes and she had a hard time. Trying to change is a start eventually I am sure that we will get there.

  5. I am a grocery store manager, how funny if all the food had those labels!! I check out folks and I have a game I play in my mind... yes, yes, no, no, no ... then I look at the customer. I hardly ever get 100% yes's (a yes is if I would buy that food) the only customer I have 100% yes's on is an elderly lady that is a vegetarian!!!

  6. What a great post! I think people would really be forced to think about what they are consuming if those side effects and complications were staring them in the face. I am a new follower and look forward to reading more on your blog.

  7. Thanks Karla and Girly Girl.

    @Karla thats funny. I used to do a similar thing when I worked in a bakery. We were next to a clothing store that sold sexy clothes and we always knew our customers and the customers going to the other store.

    @Girly Girl, Thanks for following :D I am not so sure I would be deterred though.