Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jus for Laughs (Not weight related)

So I was working on a new post (which I will upload right after this one) and I realised how bad I am with speaking English. I am going so give you a sample of how I normally speak. 

Me: I bin workin on a post and I ca' believe ha hard it is ta write right. I is be writing question wit no question word. I een no ha ne1 suppose ta read dat. Well wait dis een making not one bit a sense. 

Translations: I was working on a post and I couldn't believe how hard it is to write with correct grammar. I write questions without using question words. I don't know how anyone supposed to read it. This isn't any sense either. 

I ga tell ya dis tho it hard to write like ha I dus speak  ( It's hard to write the way I speak too,,,lol)

I am bored sue me!


  1. OK, but you are from the Bahamas, right? See, this is the way I imagine you speaking - just like when I read comments from my friend Mary in Ireland, I can almost 'hear' her accent come through in her words - that's the great thing about knowing so many diverse people - very cool. Now, having said that, I do have to thank you for taking it easy on the accent when you write because it took me a loooong time to read this post! LOL

  2. lol I know what you mean though. Cause sometimes when I read some things my Bahamian friends post on Facebook I am like what the heck did you just say??? I wouldn't intentionally write a post like that but I may slip up sometimes

  3. There's a big Caribbean community in my city so I get to hear conversations similar to yours every day. When they speak to English people, they speak slightly different and I can understand everything but when they speak to someone from their own country using their iown slang then it's so hard to understand a word they're saying. LOL

    There's a lovely Caribbean lady (I think she's Jamaican) who owns a Caribbean Food Store about 10 minutes from my house. I once went in there to buy some groceries and the following conversation took place:

    "Hello! Where can I find the bacon?"

    "da beer can is over der".

    I repeated "the bacon?"

    "yaaaa der beer can"

    "Ok! The BACON (said loud and clear) is over here then"

    "yaaaa I juz said dat"

    It still makes me smile now.

  4. lol yea Jamaicans can't pronounce H either they say ere instead of here.