Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Long time no post!

Last week was quite busy for me I had a lot of things to do in prep for the arrival of Sir.  He came on last week Wednesday! So yaaaaaaaaay I am happy :D Then we went to Abaco for our mini vacation, we did it to relax and just to spend some time together without others around. We had a great vacation and I ate a whole lot. Too much if you asked me. But it was all in good fun! I don't know what else to post about the vacation, we spent the first two days just lounging on the beach and when we weren't doing that we were eating... We did go bike riding once. We did not take as much pictures as we probably should have but I have some to show you all. I am getting back into exercising and stuff today (I feel like I say this every post!) I still have to make that goal of being under 200lbs by the new year. I will admit that it is going to be hard but I am still committed. Hope you like the pics. 

 The view from our room. 
 The Beach
 Sir on the Beach
 Me on the Beach
 Yummy Breakfast
 More Yummy Breakfast

 Yummy Lunch, The salad was good, so was the meat that is Conch (konk) Pretty popular hear. 
 Yummy Lunch
 Me and sir on the Beach, A tree was holding the camera
 We had to be creative with where we put the camera. It was on the bike this time...
 Up close and personal
This time the camera was on a bench. I don't think sir knows there is something called 


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Some really beautiful pictures there. I haven't seen sand that white before in my life. I wanna go there now!!! (and eat all that gorgeous food) LOL

    You two look great together, every picture is full of happiness :)

  2. Thanks Tim! We do pretty good together. The big was HUGE it was a good 1.5 a mile of sand before you get to the water

  3. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! Beautiful pics. You look so happy. Have a fun time!

  4. You two make such a cute couple - Tim's right....full of happiness says it all. SO glad you had a good time. I'm contacting you the next time I take a beach vacation, Shannie. You obviously know where to go (and what to eat! YUM!)

  5. Your mini vacation sounds perfect!

  6. Thanks everyone! He is my best friend so we always have a lot of fun together. The island was pretty but I have no interest to go back. It was a bit too manufactured for my taste, it didn't have the real island feel it was more like a retirement village for old rich people who want to ride around in golf carts all day.

  7. Agreeing with everyone else, the pictures are beautiful! Love sure does make you radiate!