Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Goals

Its been a while since I posted my goals for the week. But I want to get back into it because it keeps me accountable.


  • Get through week 5 of Turbo Fire: I am supposed to be starting week 6 however I switched to a semi "raw" food diet last week and I also start Roaccutane and  I wanted to see how my body would react to the switch and to the meds (it's too soon for that I know) so I did not do turbo Fire like I should have. So I am going to redo week 5. So even though I exercised really hard from Monday to Wednesday the rest of the week was a flunk...
  • Eat Raw foods only from Monday to Friday: On the weekend I plan on eating meat/fish or cheat food item. I am going to talk about my raw experience from last week in another post. But basically I eat salads, fruits and nuts (very few nuts though). I do put a little bit of salad dressing on my salad. It is regular salad dressing and I only use about a table spoon. for my entire salad. I am not a fan of salad dressing but I do like the cucumber ranch flavour from Kraft. Eventually I will switch to fat free dressing. I will go into more details as to why I decided to eat the way I do in another post. 
  • Take some time to relax and enjoy life. I have no idea how I am going to do this yet but I will let you know next week! 


  1. The last point is great. It's so important for us to relax especially when exercising a lot. Our bodies need time to recover not just physically but also mentally. Saying that, when you work out how to relax, let me know too cos I suck at it! LOL