Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update pictures Day 60 of 90days to better fitness.

I added  pictures from when I started, my update picture at 30 days and now my 60 day picture.  While I can say that I can see changes in the way my clothes fit. I still cannot see much changes in the pictures. The one in the pink is my most recent picture. I really don't know what is up with my mugshot stance 

I took one in the mirror as well and it's below Sorry about the spots I have to clean the mirror.

I will post my measurements in a separate post I have to find the measuring tape. 


  1. I can see the differences but maybe thats because I don't see you on a daily basis. I guess a good way for you to see the chances could be to wear the same clothes in all the pictures and then see how the clothes fit you as you lose weight?

    You're doing great Shannie :)

  2. I totally see the progress! Keep it up!


  3. Shannie, Tim has a good point. Maybe wear the same clothing next time and then you will notice more of a difference. I DO see a difference though - right around your middle. It looks like your thighs are smaller too, but it's hard to tell with the pants. Keep up the good work. I hope you are feeling better this weekend.

  4. Yep, Time and Ellen have a good point. Wear teh same clothing...until it's falling off (lol). I see the difference around your tummy too. Keep on keepin' on. You'll get there.

  5. If only I had a dollar everytime someone called me Time, i'd be a millionnaire! :P