Sunday, March 13, 2011


Anyone suffering from severe acne knows that it is a pain in the ass. Acne became a problem for me when i turned 16. For a while I was able to control it with over the counter drugs such as clearasil and neutrogena but eventually those didn't work anymore. I had gotten frustrated and even gave up trying to do anything about it, I finally got tired of that and I decided to go to the dermatologist. 

I went to the dermatologist for the first time 4 years ago when I has a really bad skin rash. It had started on one part of my body and after a few months of ignoring that it had engulfed my entire body and it was making its way up to my face. That was when I decided to go to the doctor to get it checked out. At that time my acne was fairly under control and the rash was severe so my doctor only treated me for the rash but didn't give me anything for the acne. (I was also suffering from hyperthyroidism at that time and I had a really short fuse so I was pissed that he didn't give me anything for my acne. I wanted to vandalize his car at the very least...) So I was a bit upset that he wasn't ready to treat my acne and I promised that I would never go back to him, but I finally gave in 4 years later and went back. I could have opted to see another skin doctor but honestly he is THE BEST on the island! And his arrogance shows that he knows it. Another reason why I went to him is because drinking water and exercising has not helped my skin at all, in fact I think it made it worse. In addition I am 27! Who wants acne at 27? Not me!

This post was supposed to be about accutane right? I was just giving you a background on my acne. Like I said I decided to go back to the skin doctor and he didnt even ask me why I came he was like, The FACE! (he is gay so yea he was a bit flamboyant with it) I still have a short fuse... But I managed to keep it controlled and I said nothing to him. And he said, "Girlfriend we have to do something about your face!" I finally said that is why I am here. So he did this two second look over and he went behind his desk and started writing out prescriptions. I got new birth control pills, I got three creams and finally he said he would put me on accutane.  I am a tv addict. And I have seen the lawsuits about accutane (short description accutane(brand) in a really strong acne med and it come with numerous health risks and it is 100% risk to fetal development) and I guess he saw the concern on my face because he told me that there are some side effects of taking the drug but its usually worse for people who take it for over 2 years.  After that he asked me over and over if I was sure that I wasn't pregnant. Usually the doctor is supposed to do a pregnancy test on you before prescribing it and you are supposed to be on bc for a month before taking it. But I know I am not pregnant and I have been consistingly taking them for I think five months now plus my boyfriend lives across a big ocean so there is no chance I will get pregnant between now and the end of May. 

I will be taking my third pill today. So far everything is still good. Apparently what the drug does is that it shrinks your oil glands and and thats how it prevents acne. (in basic terms.). As I mentioned before there are a lot of possible side effects for this drug. I will not get into it but if you are interested you can click HERE and there you can read more about it.  Among the many side effects is muscle ache. And it is advised not to do vigorous exercises while taking accutane. Therefore, I may have to temporarily quit Turbo Fire.(I have already limited my workouts to just Turbo Fire) I have just started taking it so I have not had any side effects yet. I take 20mgs once a day. He only gave me three weeks worth, I have to get my liver function checked within these three weeks then I will go back to see him on the 31st which is the end of these three weeks and he will tell me how long I will have to take accutane. I know that the risks of complication on this drug increase if you are obese/overweight (which I am) so I am happy that I am on a weight loss journey and taking these pills gives me another reason to take care of my health. I weighed myself this morning out of curiosity and I am down to 190.6lbs So if everything continues as planned and if I don't gain weight on the new bc pills I should be in the 180s by next friday :D As promised I will have update pictures and measurements on Thursday. 

If you have any questions about accutane that the website doesn't answer or if you want me to do updates on this let me know. Thanks for reading I appreciate it. 


  1. I hope it works for you ! I know someone who has taken it and it had worked for her to the point where you would never guess she had severe acne before.

    I hate when doctors meet you the first time and they can see right away what is wrong. That makes me feel like, "Craaap, so it's THAT obvious and THAT bad !?" :(

    Good luck with the meds !

  2. Thanks, I usually wear makeup and I have gotten really good at covering it up but I am tired of having to wear makeup ALL THE TIME! Right now I don't have a lot of pimples I just have a lot of scabs and dark spots cause I am a picker... :(

  3. I was on Accutane, Shannie. The one piece of advice that I can give is to LOAD up on lip balm. Those meds caused my lips to dry out so much, they started cracking and bleeding. Always keep some on hand if you begin noticing dry lips. The meds did work for me but I eventually had to stop taking them because of the side-effects. Just take into account that not everyone will have the same effects and it may work fine for you. Just listen to your body and don't ignore anything strange. Good luck!

  4. if you can only take it for 2 years, what then? does the acne come back?

    Good luck with the meds :)

  5. Thanks Ellen for the advice. I am a "collector" so I have loads of chapstick already. I already use it often, i think the only thing I will have to adjust to is putting lotion on my skin.

    @Karla It is supposed to prevent you from getting acne again. If you do get it it's not supposed to be a lot just one here and there. My doctor also gave me Retin A which is also supposed to be a good topical acne treatment

  6. I hope it works out well for you. I have a friend who has severe acne, but no health insurance, and I feel really badly for her because the over-the-counter skincare products just do not work for her. Good luck to you!

  7. Thanks Erin, it sucks when you need health care to see a doctor. I hope your friend will eventually find some relief because having acne sucks! Thanks for your support :D