Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Check in

Hey Whats up Doc????

Its been 15 days since I have started working out again and it has definitely been a journey. I know that its only been 15 days but the mental struggles that I go through while working out or rather while trying to lose some weight is always overwhelming.

I think that for me the most overwhelming part of trying to lose weight is understanding that I will not instantly see changes in my body. It is going to take more than 15days for me to see a noticeable change in the way my clothes are fitting or even to feel differently physically. I am talking about this because I took some pictures of myself today sort of like a mid month picture and now I feel so embarrassed by the way I looked that a HUGE part of me just wanted to say eff it and give up. Luckily the sane part of my brain reminded me that change doesn't happen overnight. I have to be patient, I have to be diligent and I have to work hard.  I have to stay focused and keep my eyes on my goals and what I want to accomplish.

Workouts I worked out everyday this week. I am getting older so yea I have no idea what I did on what days but I did work out everyday this week for at least 30mins. I am still doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolutions workouts. I have started workouts 3 and 4. I did four t25 workouts this week. 2 cardio one ab focus and 1 lower focus and I did turbo fire fire 30 yesterday evening. Next week I will try to write down exactly what workouts I did. Before this post I did JMBR workout 4. Later today I want to do Hitt 15 from Turbo Fire and maybe I will do some kinda stretch workout mostly the one from Focus T25. Because my body feels a bit stiff.

That is all I have to report for right now. I hope that everyone else is doing great.

Until next time
Happy Fit2014

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