Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year?

 Happy New Year

Its been way too long since I have been on here. Where did the time go? I have been meaning to come back on here for so long but honestly I could not bring myself to log on. Every day I would put it off and say tomorrow and tomorrow turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and you know the rest. I suffer from anxiety (undiagnosed but I know my body( shout out to Olivia from the Cosby Show)) and the blog had become a source of anxiety for me, I couldn't face my failures on here. Strange now that I am looking back on it I wish I hadn't stayed away for so long but that's now split milk and today is a brand new day.

But I am back and if anyone is still there to read my ramblings then I appreciate it and I am sorry that I left without a word.( I promise that I won't do it again.)

Updates: A lot has happened since I have been gone. I am still married June will make 3 years. If you remember my husband is from Holland and I am Bahamian and we lived apart for our entire 5 year relationship (prior to marriage) and then once we got married he moved to be with me. We used to live in Nassau (capital) but now we live in Andros (largest Bahamian island). I moved the Andros to teach Spanish in the local government high school. I still do not have any kiddos I may try for one this year though we will see. I havent weighed myself but I am certain that I regained all the weight that I lost. I am praying that I did not gain over my highest weight though that would suck. I do not weigh myself and I do not own a traditional scale I do have my wii fit but that is not plugged in.

All that leads to why I am back. I am finally ready to lose the weight, keep it off and I really missed interacting with my blog friends. I hope some of you are still there and that you remember me I missed you all :(

I will be posting my goals for this year in another post but I just wanted to say hi and explain a little bit of why I was gone. 

Again Happy New Year and Thanks for stopping by