Friday, January 3, 2014

Goals for 2014

How do you do????

I have contemplated what my goal/resolutions would be this year. I am tired of adding lose weight on my list. It truly makes me want to do things that I can't mention on here because it would only cause you to think that I am as crazy as I really Well in other words I will be revealing how crazy I am. Anyways, its another year and yes losing weight did make the list again but I am going to word it differently. Another thing that I am doing differently is to make monthly resolutions rather than a list that I will stick( or not) to for the whole year. So here goes these are my goals for January 2014.

1. Get fit: I will be working out Everyday for at least 10minutes a day. I can do 10 minutes a day. I could have said 20minutes but I know that I can talk myself out of finishing a 20minute workout but 10 minutes! I can do 10minutes! Even when I dont feel like working out I can do it for 10mins.

2. Blog at least once a week. In my weekly blogs I will post about how I am doing that week. What I did or am planning to do in terms of working out and eating and yeah all the works. I will aim to blog more frequently of course but at the very least I will blog once a week.

3. Drink only water. For the month of January I will not be drinking away my calories. I had more than my fair share of  sugary drinks during my Christmas holiday anyways.

4. Write down everything that I eat. Self explanatory in February I will think about planning some kind of portion control or calorie counting type scheme thingy (<---- ?!?! yea that)

Every Friday I will report on how I did in terms of sticking to my goals.

So yea that is basically my goals for January. What are your goals? Leave a link to your post or tell me in the comment box. Good luck! If 2013 was a crappy year hopefully 2014 will make up for it. I will be posting my stats and picture in tomorrow's post. I am not weighing myself until February 3rd. I do not want to sabotage my journey and discourage myself before I begin.  But I will make a current picture and take measurements to help me track my progress. I also have a personal challenge that I will be posting about tomorrow as well called "In Those Jeans". Basically, I will be trying to fit into an old pair of jeans that I have.

Until next time! Happy New Year and have a blessed weekend!

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