Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 2 of Fasting

I hope that you get my strange sense of humour. This is an account of how my Day 2 went. At random times in the day I blog about my moodiness or how I am feeling and what I am craving. I tend to think and blog a lot about the foods that I am craving. I am sure you will notice that though.


The desire to eat something is really strong right now. My cousin bought a malt drink and watching her guzzle (drink) it down is giving me visions of snatching it from her and finishing it. It's funny how a defiant mind can play tricks on you. Anyways this feeling shall soon pass. Already my cravings are a lot less than what I had yesterday so I cant complain too much. My aunt cooked yellow grits and sausage today for breakfast and it smelt amazing!!!!! I swear the senses are heightened when you know you cant have something. My mood is starting to pick up so that is always a plus. 


Just made my husband something to eat and while I was cooking it my mind wasn't on the food. But now that he is eating it I am thinking eggs never looked so good.. lol (yes he eats eggs in the middle of the day)I was looking at some blogs and people had food on it and everything looked delicious even foods that I don't usually eat. I noticed that I have started craving watermelon today. That is a fruit that I don't usually eat but I did have watermelon last week so maybe my mind just remembers watermelon from that. I am noticing how much I think about food and it is A LOT!!!!.  


I have a little less than an hour left in this place and I am happy to say that my cravings had not been as bad as they were yesterday. I still think about food but the sweet stuff do not entice me much. I have been craving "real" food. For example some mashed potatoes would be really nice right now. I even craved tea and lemonade right now. I spent my in between time reading about water fasting experiences that other bloggers had. 


The cravings are back... Yesterday I went to bed early I can only hope that I will have the same reaction tonight. 


So far I think feel pretty good. Other than the cravings and the slight moodiness I haven't noticed any of the dizziness or headaches that I have read other people talk about. When I fasted in March I felt great the entire time.  I could have easily done more than the 89 hours (there about just a few hours short of four days). I am hoping that this time around my fasting is "uneventful" but I think that would be too good to be true.

I still have a bad taste in my mouth and my tongue is starting to get a little bit painful. I did have some stomach cramps today but it only lasted a few seconds. During the night I  feel asleep on my left arm and it go numb and tingly. My first though was oh shit am I going to have a heart attack???? I was seriously scared because  I had never had that numb feeling before in my arm and I couldnt move it at all. I picked it up with my right hand and it instantly feel to the side. I did that twice and the second time it woke up my husband. When I told him about  it he said he had that several times before so that eased my worries. My left arm is still a bit tingly this morning and my legs feel sore but other than that I feel good.

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