Friday, May 6, 2011

You're Losing Weight too fast!

I blinked three times when my mother said that to me today. The first thing that came to my mind was no you are just realizing that I have lost weight! But I just said no I am not. Then she said yes you are so I left it, I was not about to have a conversation talking about how long I have been trying to lose with excess weight with anyone that is the purpose of my blog. I could have told her that I actually started working towards losing weight last August. But that wasn't something that I wanted to do because I know my family. As fair I am concerned  I look the same as I did a year ago because I am not going there with them. Whenever they mention that I lost weight I say "Oh OK I didn't notice."

Then after a few minutes of silence she said to me and you really don't have to lose any more weight just do some sit ups or crunches to turn your stomach area some and you will be fine. My response to that was "Oh OK" What was on my mind was since when are you a personal trainer? When it comes to my weight and what I look like the last group of people that I want any compliments or advice from is my family. 

My family is extremely "honest" in the rudest way possible when it comes to anything weight related. I have a cousin who weighs around 300 to 400lbs. Whenever anyone sees her this is usually what the conversation sounds like.

Cousin walks in

Family Member (dont matter which one) Well goddamn aye? Girl ha ga get so big? You need to stop eat man. You barely manage to fit through the door. Well gee,,, Ha you let yasef get like that? An sun so hot an you big so? Gurl you have ta do sumting bout all that fat. Well muddoes dred girl you is big. ( Basically if that was difficult to read, they usually ask her over and over how she get so big and how she manages with it being so hot. They even tell her that she needs to stop eating so she can lose the weight. Yes my family is brutal).

My grandmother cannot really do much for herself so in the day time she is at my house. I honestly thought at one point that she forgot my name because she only used to call me fatty. That was my name for three/four years now.... Then all of a sudden she started calling me Shan again so I guess she didn't forget my name. 

But don't feel sorry for me its what my family does. I accept it, you have to have a tough exterior to be a part of my family if not you would probably hang a rope in a tree or something and be done with it. Also, before you think that my family only discriminates against overweight persons they do the same thing to the underweight members of my family. I have a cousin who is 5'6 and about 100lbs if that. She is super skinny and every time someone sees her they offer her food. They always tell her that she is way too skinny and she needs to gain some weight and how old she looks because she is way too thin. Like I said my  family is brutal.

Finally, before you think its only my family that is brutal it actually seems like all Bahamians are like that. I have had friends ask me how did I get so fat. I have had random customers from my aunts bakery who I have served in the past ask me how I gain so much weight. I actually wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me that. My guess is soon they will be asking me how I lost so much weight. Maybe I missed the memo of something but when did it become acceptable to judge a persons weight?


  1. Ah yes! I love how you typed out the patois, too funny. I hear so many West Indian family members are like this *sigh*

  2. I know some people just like that.

    The sad thing is, they don't say it to be cruel, they honestly think they're helping to improve your life in some bizarre way.

    The important thing is what you think about your health and if you think it needs improving or not, then that's your choice. Obviously having people say things like that doesn't help but I tend to use that as added motivation to keep me going towards my goal.

  3. chalk it up to the culture! Do you girl!!

  4. Hey everyone thanks for your comments.
    @MissHaneefa I think this is something we inherited from our African ancestors because I know some African who are like this...

    @Tim: My family to actually think that they are helping out. I think they are delusional

    @Ronke143: Yeap it is culture, which in a way is good because I know there isn't any real malice in it.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I havent heard the word shat in a long time. It's officially my word of the week! LOL

  6. WoW! That is soo crazy! I like your new blog layout and yes that part was very hard to read. You are doing great, ignore them as you seem to be doing and focus on your goal.

    Oh, AND, I just saved that same cartoon, yesterday, to use on my blog, it is so funny! Great minds think alike!

  7. Shannie unfortunately the African American culture is hypocritical in the same way! My mom teased me when I lost, I just told her she's a hater!

  8. Family comments. Gotta love them??? Keep up your great work

  9. I understand the whole thing about your family. You just have to do you and keep on keeping on !

    PS: Haha, I'm stealing the cartoon ! I love it ! It will go well with my post tonight. :)