Monday, May 2, 2011

Food Commercials are Evil...

Hey Folks, I hope everything is going well with everyone and I hope you are all staying on plan and getting that sexy summer body in order. I know I am working on it. (more about that later). Before I get into what my post is about today I want to say that I will be posting everyday this month, I totally slacked off in April but that is about to change 

Now that that is out the of the way time to get into what I really wanted to rant on which is Food commercials are EVIL! If you want to stay on plan and if you want to avoid random eating and cravings,  DO NOT WATCH FOOD COMMERCIALS! Yesterday I started a detox (more about that later too) and I was doing just fine until I started watching tv and up pops some random food commercial! I am telling you almost instantly I started craving chicken and cakes and pies and everything greasy. Up until that point I was completely satisfied and I didn't feel hungry at all.  Honestly, I didn't even realize at first that the food commercial was triggering my hunger. 

I ignored the cravings and eventually it went away and then a Mcdonalds commercial came on tv and all of a sudden I felt like eating a big mac. I have not eaten Mcdonalds in a couple of months. I bought it maybe in mid April and I took one small bite of the big mac and I didn't like it so I gave it to my sister but previous to that I think it was last year that I actually ate any meal from Mcdonalds. It was at that point that I realized that the commercials were triggering my cravings. Who would have thought right?

I know that there are some studies out there that blame television for the rise in obesity. They claim that the huge amount of food commercials on television trigger cravings and the amount of time spent watching television rather than being active also adds the pounds because like I mentioned before you are less likely to be active but for a long time I was in denial about it. I was in denial because I know that my obesity could not be blamed solely on the amount of television that I was watching. However, after yesterday I am now a believer!

I just wanted to let you know if you are struggling with binging or even just cravings pay attention to what you are doing because that could be a trigger for you. Sometimes we think that other foods are triggers but that isn't the only trigger I know that aside from the tv commercials that my boyfriend is a trigger for me.  Whenever we are together we usually get a lot of junk foods (well I normally get a lot of junk food.) and it has almost become a tradition for us so whenever we are together I always gain weight because all we do is lay in bed, watch movies and eat junk foods together. 

Losing weight and trying to keep it off is way to difficult to let something like triggers hinder your progress. 

Until my next post!

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  1. I can totally relate. we choose to no longer have aired television. We subscribe to Netflix and then put it on the TV with the Wii and that is what we watch. We dont have an antennae so we dont even get local channel. The popular shows I want to watch, I watch them online at the show site. There is usually one commercial that runs over and over with those and it is usually something expensive, never food. But when I watch tv at a friends house and see those food commercials, they really do get to me.

  2. I have started watching shows on the internet as well but I noticed that even watching shows with people eating makes me So I will have to find some way to ween myself from it.

  3. It's tough when you're with someone who isn't trying to lose weight because it makes it a lot harder to eat healthy consistently, especially if they want unhealthy foods. I think we've all fallen into that trap. I guess they key is preparation. If you know you're going to eat junk food then pre-make healthy snacks or meals. It's tough but most of the time it works.