Monday, May 2, 2011

"Unconventional Tips"

I call this post unconventional tips because these are things that I do to motivate myself whenever I feel like I am slacking off. I hope it helps someone...
  1. Keep a picture of you not looking your best visible: My background picture for my laptop is a picture of me at a weight that I hate. (hate is a strong word that is why I am using it.) Every time I turn on my laptop I get reminded that I have a lot of work to do and I do not want to look like how I looked in that picture ever again.  
  2. Write ENCOURAGING and POSITIVE messages to yourself. Sometimes when you are losing weight it is easy to focus on the things that you want to change and just thinking about the huge amount of weight that you have to lose can be overwhelming. To avoid getting caught up in self hate, I take time out to write nice things to myself. Sometimes I say for example " You are a really strong person and you look fabulous today" Self praise puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good about myself. And my motto is if you feel good about yourself you will take better care of yourself. 
  3. BELIEVE that you can lose the weight. As I mentioned in number 2 sometimes thinking about losing 50+ lbs can be overwhelming and you may doubt yourself. Doubting yourself is EVIL (just like food commercials). There is no room for doubt when you have a goal you are trying to accomplish!
  4. Pay before you snack. I haven't done this recently but I do plan on getting back into it. Whenever you feel like eating junk food just because you are bored look at the amount of calories on the package and exercise. If you burned the amount of calories on the "snack" and you still want to eat the snack eat it because you earned it. But if you can't burn the calories you can't eat the junk food. 
Those were four things that I do to motivate myself or to help me stay on track. I hope everything was clear and straight forward. If you have any questions feel free to ask...

Thanks for reading :D


  1. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Pay before you snack, I like that one. I always feel so guilty after snacking and then when I try to write it down in my food journal, the pen tries to escape. I think if I payed before I did it I wouldn't feel so guilty. THANKS

  3. Hey Grace, that one worked well for me it pretty much helped me to stop eating high calorie junk food because 500calories is just too hard to burn...

  4. How about
    Buy better snacks

    dont buy the junk and keep it in your home. Stop buying that and buy healthy things, like fresh fruit and veggies, cheese, eggs. Then when you get home, take the time to prepare it, so when you go to snack it is easily accessible.
    Fruits: wash and cut them up, place them in a bowlk with plastic wrap on the top, you can easily see it and it is easy to get too.
    Baby carrots and snap peas, rinse and eat
    cheese, cube it and put it in a see through container
    Eggs, hard boil them, very easy to grab and eat and great for protein which equals energy and slower absorption on sugars, so an egg and some fruit is a great snack
    Nuts and seeds have protein and are great like eggs

  5. Great suggestions! I love the one about the positive comments.

  6. @Hyla I agree with you to an extent that it is probably better to no buy junk foods at all. But for a sugar addict that is something that I had to work towards. Whenever I has cravings for a specific food item I have to eat it. I am going to make a blog response to this though... But thanks for your comment :D

    @Misshaneefa Positive comments have really made a huge difference in my journey.

  7. I love the Pay Before you snack idea! I'm retraining my brain as I begin my weightloss journey:) I'm learning that half the battle is conditioning how I think about health.

    For example, this week I decided to say this particular grace before I eat my meals..."I don't live to eat. I eat to live. And to glorify God. Amen."

    If that doesn't work, my second prayer is "That food will kill you!"