Thursday, May 22, 2014

My blogging has been scarce because I do not really have anything to blog about. My days come and they go and I try my best to lower the number on the scale. Yes I am still at the point where I am weighing myself everyday and hoping that I see a change in the number that appears in the scale. This post is going to be quite random because I just came just to post something.

I am down to 187lbs but I feel bloated today so even though technically I am thinner I do not feel thinner. I am starting to notice cellulite on my legs. I dread them so much because when I was 200+ lbs I didnt have them so I try not to look down at my legs too often. I have to do some research to see what I can do to combat them.

I have been really diligent with walking. I like walking because I do not feel as though I am exercising, i5 doesnt make me sore and I do not dread it. I am thinking about starting T25 again but whenever I start the dvd my mood goes down. I think that I will probably end up doing Body Revolution by Jillian Michaels because at least her workouts incorporate weights.  I dont want to think negatively about working out.  Until I make up my mind I will just continue walking. Oh I do jump rope in the afternoon as well.

School will be closing soon. Then summer is fast approaching and  I wont be able to walk as much because of the bugs so I will have  to figure out a home workout program asap.

Anyways I am going to cut this short. I think I have rambled long

Hope everyone is having a great week. It is FRIDAY tomorrow . I am sooooooooooo excited because I only have two teaching periods. I love my job but the kids make me weary sometimes. If I do not post again before the weekend enjoy your weekend and have a fit week.

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