Sunday, May 4, 2014

Coworkers and Weight loss

I am a bad blogger I know! However, since I started teaching my desire to do any thinking outside of school hours has become none existent and I struggle with posting because it requires thought and focus and that I something that my darling demons angels take away from me. I hope that makes sense. 

Recently.  I was told by a co worker that I shouldn't lose any more weight. If you havent guest it already I lost some weight About 30lbs, I did it by cutting back on overeating and walking five days a week. I will post pictures in my another post. This post is about my coworker. 

On Friday I went to work and I was about to sign in and the cleaning lady (who is extremely overweight) came to me and was like please don't lose any more weight. Then she smiled and walked off.  All I could think was seriously? Yes I know that I have lost a considerable amount of weight to them but I am in no way shape or form thin or close to being too thin. I weigh 190lbs and I am 5feet 4.5 inches. I can stand to lose another 50lbs with ease. 

Why is it that persons are always trying to tell others that they have lost enough weight? I wouldn't go to her and tell her that she should start losing weight. The lady is like 300lbs easy. I wouldn't comment about her weight period. If she is happy at the weight that she is at, more power to her, I respect that. But dont tell me how much I should weigh

This has always been the part that I hated about losing weight. I always hated when someone noticed that I had lost weight and pointed it out to me. I would rather my transformation be invisible to others so I wouldnt have to listen to their comments. Having someone tell me that I lost weight annoys me just as much as someone telling me that I gained weight. When did it become ok to talk to someone about their weight. Are you my doctor? I am sorry but I had to go on that lil 

Do you think that I am overreacting though? How do you deal with similar situations?

Talk to you in my next post hopefully it wont be months from now.


  1. Just keep doing you. I was asked I I was sick when I had my weigh lose. Unfortunately, this isn't going to stop. Congrats on your weight loss!

  2. Thank you. Yea I think that they are probably thinking the same thing about me too that I am sick. Well my husband is in Holland right now visiting his family so they are probably really thinking that I am suffering from a broken heart because he left me.