Monday, April 11, 2011

Reader Interaction Question One!

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday:D

Lately I have been struggling with coming up with things to talk about on my blog because I have fallen into a regimen/ routine that seems to be working for me and so I have nothing new to blog about. Pretty much my days are all the same. I eat small meals whenever I start to get hungry, I exercise for at least an hour everyday (with the exception of last week because I was sick) I go to sleep, I get up and then I do it all again the next day.

I am no longer so focused on what I am eating and what workouts I am doing. I just enjoy life and I live as stress free as I can and that seems to be working for me. With all that said, I thought from time to time I will post questions that come to my mind so I can get some feedback from you and that way we can sort of have discussions and stuff if you may. Also, gives me something to post on my blog because I really do enjoy blogging. 

Therefore the first question to start this off is..... (drum rolls)

In your opinion, which one of the following do you think is worse and why? A fear of eating or a love of eating?

I already have my opinion on this topic and I think a lot of us probably feel the same way but I am curious what you think. Next week Monday I will make a post on what I think about this topic. I look forward to reading what you think. I will be posting my final progress for my 90day Fitness Challenge which ends today either tomorrow morning or late this afternoon so until then! 

Thanks for reading :D


  1. I came over from Dawnya's blog :)
    I think a fear of eating is worse. Fear will make you avoid doing things and eating is something we can't NOT do. A love of eating will make you appreciate ingredients and flavors and the quality of the foods you put in your body. I can't wait to find and keep my motivation for working out. I'm still a newbie at this

  2. In my opinion a fear of eating is worse because it will probably have an affect on your overall lifestyle rather than whether to eat a certain type of food or not.

    A love of eating doesn't have to be associated with eating lots of food, but could just mean you have a love of the taste, the smell etc. In fact the love of food would probably make you more choosey when it comes to food and I agree with Rahshell that you are more likely going to appreciate food of higher quality than poorly made food.

  3. What a good question. I would have to say a fear of eating as well. I've met anorexics who have been in therapy for years and years because of fear. I don't know if this is true or not but I'd also think that you'd die faster from fearing food.

  4. I think Fear of eating is worse. Because you should enjoy your food. YOu should savor it one bite at a time and enjoy it. If you fear the food you wont eat unti you are so hungry you binge which is most definitely not good. Everything in moderation!